Add Survey Header / Survey Footer

With Sogolytics, it’s easy to add survey header and survey footer messages that appear on every page of the survey. Survey header and footer messages are useful for adding:

  • Survey title
  • Company tagline
  • Contact information
  • Links
  • Instructions

You can format the text in the survey header or survey footer to match the size, font, and colors of your brand. This allows you to maintain a consistent style and build brand recognition with participants.

A survey header can include the title of your survey, like “Employee Satisfaction Survey.” You can also include a brief message about the purpose of the survey or encouragement such as “We value your feedback.”

You can add helpful instructions in the survey footer, such as “Only use the back/next buttons to navigate within the survey.”

Adding survey headers and survey footers gives your survey a personal touch, making it more likely people will participate.

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Also known as: header, footer, section header


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