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Mar 15, 2023

How to Choose the Right CX Consultant

by Gordon Polovin

The customer experience (CX) embraces a network of touchpoints (TPs) that customers follow from start to finish in their engagement with a brand. Typical examples of early TPs are seeing the brand for the first time when it is used by another person, listening to the opinions of users, reading reviews, talking to client support, testing the product before buying, browsing the web, and tracking influencers or aspirant group behavior relevant to the brand. From there, TPs might move into scanning the distribution outlets for the best service and price, then making the purchase (in-store or online), unboxing it, interpreting instructions, and numerous after-sales interactions. Indeed, the TPs can accumulate rapidly, moving digitally and offline before the consumer becomes a customer. In between all this, TPs include educating oneself and, eventually, using the product. Did you know Google research revealed that the number of TPs from notion to purchase runs between 50 and 300? Why an excellent customer experience consultant is crucial to business success If you think the picture painted above is daunting, it’s only half the story. The other half is expertise. Although the CX TPs leading to the first customer purchase are vital, the ones after are just as crucial. Why? Because TPs that induce repeat usage are where genuine sales enablement potency exists, creating customer retention (or brand loyalty), the make or break of every business. It’s sobering to realize that it takes only a small number of disruptive TPs for a loyal customer to jump […]

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