Acting on member feedback to grow NPS by over 20 points

Achieved a 20-point increase in Net Promoter Score
Discovered new loan growth opportunity - 20 leads at a 55% closing rate in the first two months
Expanded potential branch locations based on customer preferences to service more members
SogoCX has changed everything about how we collect and act on the feedback of our members and teams.
Laurie Flanders
Sales and Accountability Leader,
All In Federal Credit Union
Financial Services
Credit Unions
Alabama and
Florida, US
Use Case
Member Experience

The Story

The challenge

Member experience and trust is at the core of what AICU does, but CSAT scores revealed something was wrong

All In Credit Union has long been committed to measuring and improving member experience, but their efforts began to outpace the offering of their previous survey vendor. While they were able to gather member feedback and receive survey responses, the analytics they needed just weren’t there. "We struggled and spent many hours sifting through data manually. It was inefficient at best,” says Laurie Flanders, Sales and Accountability Leader at All In Credit Union.

The team was discouraged when they reviewed many of the common vendors serving the credit union space. In order to continuously delight members with positive experiences, it was clear All In Credit Union needed a modern solution that could give them greater analytical power but from a company that wasn’t too big to provide more of a customized experience. “We deeply desired a relationship with a vendor that shared our next-level thought process and actively made improvements and recommendations to help us be better. Once we found and saw what Sogo had to offer, it was an easy decision,” Flanders said.

We deeply desired a relationship with a vendor that shared our next-level thought process and actively made improvements and recommendations to help us be better. ”
The solution

All In Credit Union believes that revenue-driving innovation should be powered by what members want and need. Their key questions: How can we do better? Do we offer what our customers want? How can we use technology to enhance our members’ experience? All In Credit Union has found these questions easier to answer after transitioning to Sogo.

“The SogoCX platform has changed everything about how we collect and act on the feedback of our members and teams,” says Flanders. “We are able to hear the voice of our members and discover what they need at every touchpoint.”

All In Credit Union found out which branches needed additional coaching and training, and which employees were exceeding member expectations. “Knowing where we need to make changes first and understanding drivers in a new light makes our strategies fluid and responsive,” shared Flanders.

All In Credit Union takes advantage of a powerful platform that doesn’t inconvenience their members with a “daunting” look and overwhelming length. They are also enthusiastic about the streamlined and simple ways they can receive support when needed.

Flanders shared: “We had demos with everyone, not wanting to outgrow our product, but looking for a partner as well as intuitive software. I am so thankful for my experience with the Sogo team. They were able to help me make almost a frictionless transition from one vendor to another. In addition, the Sogo team took my ideas and made them better. As if this wasn’t enough, the support I have received along the way is second to none.”

The result

During the pandemic, All In saw a dip in their NPS, which they expected. However, it didn’t rebound like they’d forecasted coming out of the shutdown. Through newly implemented feedback channels, they found their members missed coffee in the branch locations. All In put a Keurig in every location and their NPS/CSAT scores rebounded.

“Sometimes it’s the little things that make a difference, but we wouldn’t have known about it before Sogo, who helped us find the drivers behind the CX scores,”

Previously, All In Credit Union’s average NPS was around 60. Now it hovers at 80, and when they see it move to 78 or 79, they act on data insights to continue to enhance their member experience and see the scores improve.

Identified new branch locations

All In is planning on opening new service locations—all thanks to feedback from their members. "Our members have heightened interests in better locations to serve them, and we weren’t aware before.”

The new locations don’t just represent more opportunities for growth and revenue for All In, but ways to create better member experiences. “We believe in community so much, All In established the Helping Hands Foundation to expand our ability to donate to the communities we serve,” shared Flanders.

Leveraged new revenue drivers

All In decided to do more with their surveys for chances to bring in more revenue. On one survey, a simple question for members who’ve taken out solar loans has led to conversions about home equity loan offers.“Our surveys don’t just help with our NPS but can also generate revenue for us we never thought we could see through these avenues,” Flanders commented.

All In Credit Union set up Rules & Alerts to direct relevant responses to the appropriate team members, who follow up within twenty-four hours. Flanders also gets an alert, “so I can celebrate each one!” In the first two months of enacting the strategy they’ve gotten over 20 leads at a 55% closing rate.

Thanks to the powerful analytics of SogoCX, we have saved hours of work sifting through data and created visibility to actionable nuggets, so we can easily act on the feedback and make a difference for our members. As if this wasn’t enough, the support we have received along the way is second to none.
About All In Credit Union

All In Credit Union is ranked among the best credit unions in the country as evidenced by the consistent awarding of a 5-Star Rating from Bauer Financial, Inc., the nation’s leading independent credit union rating and research firm. Along with this distinction, All In Credit Union is the recipient of numerous awards from local, state, and national organizations

who have recognized the credit union and its employees for their contributions to financial education and social responsibility.  In addition to their high-tech offerings, the credit union is committed to enriching the lives of their members and communities.

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