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Real-time results enable higher customer retention and satisfaction rates across clients
Insights uncover key customer satisfaction drivers that each client can respond to quickly
Single license ability creates cost-efficiency and increases solution adaptation
I found everything I needed with Sogolytics—not just bells and whistles. What I thought were extras ended up being features I’m so glad I have.
Richard R. Shapiro
The Center For Client Retention
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Client Retention Consulting
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The Story

The challenge

TCFCR needed a more responsive and supportive solution for their clients

Founder Richard Shapiro built The Center For Client Retention on a bedrock of deep experience in the field of customer success. His expertise in CX, including collecting customer feedback, enabled him to build TCFCR into a powerful partner for clients seeking to improve their customer experience. As the global marketplace began to shift toward recognizing CX as a differentiator, TCFCR found they needed to evolve their offerings to provide greater flexibility and more feedback options for more clients.

“My expertise is in customer loyalty, retention, and repeat business; in-depth insights are the key to success,” shared Shapiro. “While I had options with the vendor I was using, the product was a legacy one with support declining, and their response times were long.” In one instance, when TCFCR asked for a survey link to include in an SMS invitation, it took about two months for the vendor to follow up – with a solution that was difficult to understand, let alone implement.

TCFCR does everything for their clients—from designing the questionaries to distributing and managing the all-important data. As their clients continued to ask for more advanced capabilities, the TCFCR team began their search for a new partner that could help them enable their new capabilities. They needed a partner who would provide timely, personalized support and the flexibility to sustain evolving client requirements. They needed a solution that would be user-friendly, efficient, and capable of powerful analytics.

The first stop was Qualtrics, but a mismatch in licensing removed them from the list. “They were responsive, but the solution would require separate licenses for each of my clients, which wasn’t sustainable for my business model,” Shapiro explained. Adding “value for money” to the list of requirements, the TCFCR team continued the search.

We needed a solution that was state-of-the-art, user-friendly, responsive and affordable, and we weren’t finding anyone who fit that bill – until Sogolytics. ”
The solution

Sogolytics was not like other experience management solutions. “It was completely different. Here’s a company that said, ‘We know service bureaus, and we know your model,’ and they were built for clients like me.” The licensing options made it easier for TCFCR to make the switch for all of their clients.

Another major benefit of the change was the ease with which TCFR is now able to prepare meaningful presentations for their quarterly review meetings with clients. Sogolytics’ advanced features and analytics empower the TCFCR team, backed by in-depth insights, to recommend improvements that directly impact customer loyalty and retention.

“Because of the seamless integration between Sogolytics and Tableau, our work runs smoothly, and our clients get real-time reporting,” Shapiro shared. The majority of TCFCR’s clients are consumer affairs departments of Fortune 1000 companies, and this real-time data ensures they get ongoing intelligence into how to improve their own customers’ experiences by hiring, training, and coaching agents effectively. These insights are critical for the success of both TCFCR and their clients.

“Part of why I chose Sogolytics was the amazing reviews I read,” he added. “They all have the same theme: responsiveness and helpfulness. Yes, they all loved the product, but those things stuck out to me.” In Sogolytics, TCFCR found the platform and the partner to meet their needs.

The result

TCFCR is now celebrating its 35th anniversary in business, and they continue to grow and expand their offerings. Empowered with the world’s leading experience management solution, they are now able to provide more meaningful insights to their clients at scale, with less effort and greater flexibility.

Sentiment Analysis is a crucial feature TCFCR uses to delve deeper into participant’s open-ended responses. Analyzing customers’ words allows for a better understanding of customer needs, leading to customer loyalty and stopping customer churn more quickly. Because things happen fast in call centers, the need for real-time access to data is essential. “We get a lot of data, thanks to Sogolytics, and when our clients implement our recommendations based on those insights, client scores improve,” Shapiro highlights.

“I’m thrilled we made the right decision to go with Sogolytics. They’ve helped expand my capabilities, and the support is unparalleled.” With a flexible approach to licensing, expanded options and features, and real-time analytics, scale potential is easily achieved as TCFCR onboards more clients.

If they had to rate the real-time reports’ usefulness on a scale of 1 to 10, Shapiro had no hesitation: “It would be 20 for us.” Plus, as he explained, TCFCR set up triggers on these reports to enable faster resolutions and improvements. If negative ratings are received for customer satisfaction (CSAT) or Net Promoter Score (NPS), for example, those customers get a follow-up contact to find out more about what went wrong. “Our clients are able to respond before things get bad, and that is a game changer.”

Overall, CX specialist Richard Shapiro has been pleasantly surprised with his experience as a Sogolytics customer. “I’m an expert, and Sogolytics does an excellent job at customer experience management, service, and support—and that’s not typical for most companies.”

Putting people first is a sign of a great company, but an even better partner. Sogolytics lets me take better care of my clients and keep their experiences second to none, and that’s what I’m all about – customer retention.

TCFCR was founded in 1988 to provide customized research, training, and consulting to Fortune 1000 companies wanting to generate a higher percentage of repeat customers and increase market share from existing accounts. Led by Richard Shapiro and his team of customer research experts, TCFCR is passionate about helping businesses understand and retain their customers. They specialize in designing and developing customized survey programs that provide valuable insights into customers' experiences, preferences, and expectations.

Their approach focuses on getting to know your customers personally through in-depth conversations that uncover the key factors that drive their loyalty and satisfaction. By paying close attention to their feedback, TCFCR identifies areas where experiences could be improved, revenues increased, and bottom-line profitability maximized.

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