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above-market growth is seen in data-driven B2B organizations as opposed to their competitors.1
digital transformation
business leaders consider digital transformation important, but a 70% failure rate often owing to poor expertise and lack of data-driven decisions.2
Customer acquisition
more likely to acquire new customers = data-driven organizations! They're also 6x more likely to retain customers and 19x more profitable.3


We do it all, so you can show it off: better data, powerful analytics, and reports that leave a mark.

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Go beyond analytics

Data analysis alone isn’t enough. Delivering right presentation enables understanding, informs actions, and impresses clients..

Share Dynamic Reports 

Generate live reports with unlimited views and help clients see the answers as they come in. Spot patterns and trends over time, creating transparency and building trust.

Customize Data Visualization

Easily customize your report by changing the flow personalizing colors, and more so that your data is easy to understand and drives home the points that really matter to your clients.

Tailor Shared Dashboards

We understand that too much data can feel overwhelming. That’s why we offer customizable role-based dashboards, so you can share just the right data with the right client.

Brand Your Reports 

Leave your mark by adding in company branding and ensuring the reports are in the colors of your choosing.

Employ Integrations

Sogolytics helps you create processes, generate reports, and do so much more – all within your digital ecosystem. Streamline your workflows and strengthen your capacity with easy-to-launch integrations

24x7 Support

Need a little advice along the way? Our industry-leading support team is always ready to connect to ensure your concerns are resolved in the least possible time.


Put your data in the spotlight with captivating, fully-customizable reports that will help you win stakeholder buy-in during your next presentation.
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AUCH + Sogolytics

The Association for Utah Community Health works with healthcare organizations across Utah to provide training and technical assistance to improve access to quality and comprehensive healthcare services.

For this, they needed to go beyond the patient feedback they were receiving to piece together reports based on analytics that could help them make the right decisions.

Sogolytics was their answer. With powerful analytics and reporting capabilities,we helped them connect with patients, reduce reporting time, and make the best decisions. The success has led to AUCH expanding into other states, including Montana, Wyoming, and Idaho.

Expertly designed templates to get you started

The most impactful presentations are based on quality insights, that’s why we offer a range of survey templates to get you started.

Designed for use cases across industries, simply select the template you need and modify it as per your needs.

Product Feedback Survey Template
Product Feedback Survey Template
Brand Awareness Survey Template
Brand Awareness Survey Template
Website Feedback Survey Template
Website Feedback Survey Template
Company Culture Survey Template
Company Culture Survey Template
See the Sogolytics difference

Take a holistic approach with additional Sogolytics experience management solutions.

Deep dive into client concerns to identify data-backed solutions with SogoCX

Fuelled by powerful analytics and enhanced by captivating reporting features, Sogolytics makes it easy for you to win stakeholder buy-in and push projects forward - all while making it easier for your team to do more, in less time.

Better Reports: Make Omni Work for You


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