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AI-led analytics go beyond insights to offer suggestions and predict the next step, helping you make the right decisions. 

Unlock the AI Advantage

executives believe that AI is critical for data-led-decision-making in their organization.1
executives see leveraging AI as the best way to gain a competitive edge in the current market.2
ENHANCE retention
increase in retention rates was seen in companies that used AI to aid with customer journey mapping.


Stay a step ahead with AI-led predictive analytics that helps you identify red flags early on.

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Make first impressions that last

Sogolytics helps you stay ahead of the curve with AI-driven analytics that help deliver deeper, clearer insights. 

Custom Metrics

Create custom metrics to gather data that really matters to your clients. Track feedback, decode insights, and help you clients take the right action every time.

Predictive Analytics

Be prepared for anything. Based on historic data and trends, Sogolytics can predict what’s coming to help identify red flags and recommend the necessary steps early on, ensuring you’re always one step ahead.

Key Driver Analysis

Do you know what’s really impacting client concerns? Our key driver questions shed light on the factors impacting your key metrics to help you recommend priority realignment based on what would make the most impact.

Sentiment Analytics 

Go beyond quantitative data. We help you leverage qualitative data as well, providing you with insights that can make a difference.

Custom Dashboard

Stay focused by getting a quick overview of all your projects and diving deep with just a few clicks. The custom dashboard allows you to do everything you need from one space. 

24x7 Support

Need a little more help? Just reach out! Our industry-leading support team is available 24x7 to ensure you make the most of our platform.


Decode qualitative and quantitative feedback to unveil recommendations and predict the next step with ease.
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TCFCR + Sogolytics 

As customer experience experts, the team at The Center for Client Retention needed a powerful and flexible solution to meet their clients’ needs – and they were looking for outstanding customer support, too!

In Sogolytics, they found partners dedicated to their success. The versatility of the platform and the support of the team enabled TCFCR to quickly launch the right projects and uncover meaningful results – leading to wins for both TCFCR and their growing list of clients!

Expertly designed templates to get you started

The best insights come from asking the right questions. Wondering what these might be? Explore our survey templates!

Our professionally-designed templates can be further customized to suit your needs. Simply select, change themes, and add or remove questions to reflect your requirements and you’re good to go!

Product Feedback Survey Template
Product Feedback Survey Template
Brand Awareness Survey Template
Brand Awareness Survey Template
Website Feedback Survey Template
Website Feedback Survey Template
Company Culture Survey Template
Company Culture Survey Template
See the Sogolytics difference

Take a holistic approach with additional Sogolytics experience management solutions.

Don’t just collect the data you need, understand what your audience is really saying by reading between the lines.

With powerful qualitative and quantitative analytics, you can get a big-picture perspective to better understand overarching concerns, while also diving into granular details with SogoCX.

Better Reports: Make Omni Work for You


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