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Experience Management Solution

Delight members and employees alike. Boost retention. Yield tangible growth. Build community.

Build a stronger community

Learn from your members and your employees to deliver value, strengthen engagement, and power future growth.

Developed to fit financial institutions of all sizes, Sogolytics enables you to collect feedback from your most important stakeholders, perform instant analysis to identify preferences and trends, and make data-backed decisions to improve the experiences of your community members.

Collect valuable feedback
and turn insights into action

From members to colleagues, everyone has suggestions! Strategic feedback collection can help you gather actionable insights, improve your offering, and grow your community – and revenue!

Capture experience signals

Gather credit union member experience feedback from branch visits and digital channels, via live chat, mobile banking apps, and more.

Identify what matters

What are the top concerns of your members and employees? Instantly identify and prioritize the activities and resources that will make the biggest impact on engagement and loyalty.

Create connections

Construct a comprehensive view of what seamless experience really means. Understand how to bridge experience gaps. Enable your employees to empathize, and handle member issues in real time.

Attract new members, minimize churn, and remain a top choice for your members.
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WANT TO boost employee engagement?

Appeal to and retain top talent by creating a culture of trust, respect, and candid feedback.
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Turn positive feedback into great reviews and improved brand awareness.
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The best insights come from your own data. Learn how Sogolytics can help.

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"Transforming how we communicate"

“Sogo understood how important this project was to me. They didn’t just sell me a member experience software, they helped me transform how we communicate with our members. My credit union started to see a high response rate and an overall satisfaction score of 9.45 [out of 10].”

genice Decorte

HealthShare Credit Union

“Powerful analytics”

“Thanks to the powerful analytics of Sogolytics, we have saved hours of work sifting through data and created visibility to actionable nuggets, so we can easily act on the feedback and make a difference for our members. As if that wasn’t enough, the support we have received along the way is second to none.”


Sales and Accountability Leader
All In Credit Union

“Tangible results”

“The accurate responses collected through Sogo allowed the team to reevaluate and redesign our approach and deliver a fast and efficient account opening process! We’ve also been able to implement strategies that can improve member loyalty by doing more of what our members love and doing less of what they tell us they dislike”


Regional Manager
First Credit Union

Focus on providing better experiences

Sogolytics delivers top-tier security, advanced features, and full support – every step of the way.


Security? It’s one of our core values. Our processes and our people adhere to rigorous standards so you can rest assured you’re covered.

Powerful integrations

Build on your core data and solutions with integrations that streamline your workflows and simplify your processes.

Leverage omnichannel distribution

Gather feedback through email, mobile chat, webforms, SMS, etc. Collect valuable data at the right time, via your members’ and employees’ preferred channels.

Get real-time results

Real-time reporting allows you to instantly respond to member concerns, test out new ideas and initiatives, and react quickly to new developments.

See the Sogolytics difference

Take a holistic approach to experience management with additional Sogolytics credit union software solutions.

The Sogolytics software suite is an all-in-one feedback management platform for your entire credit union community—members and employees. SogoCore enables you to create forms, polls, and even assessments to audit practices or assess training effectiveness.

For a more comprehensive look at member experience, SogoCX offers advanced analytics to make data-backed decisions aimed at increasing member retention and acquisition. With SogoEX, you can screen candidates, onboard new hires, gauge performance and morale, and use feedback to continually improve the credit union employee experience. Plus, with the SogoConnect ticketing system, you can instantly flag and resolve member issues.

Rethink Employee Engagement and Transform Your Work Culture
Explore our top credit union survey templates

Want to get a better read on member satisfaction or loyalty? Or maybe you’re trying to understand employee engagement at your credit union? No matter your needs, Sogolytics offers a wide variety of survey templates to help you connect with any member of your credit union community.

Just select a survey from our template bank, then customize it to fit your needs and match your credit union’s unique branding.

Branch Service Survey
Branch Service Survey
Credit Union Member Satisfaction Survey
Credit Union Member Satisfaction Survey
Net Promoter Score Survey
Net Promoter Score Survey
Employee Engagement Survey
Employee Engagement Survey
What is credit union member experience management?

Similar to customer experience management, credit union experience management is the process of monitoring and managing member engagement, satisfaction, and experience. Sogolytics offers a holistic member experience management platform that allows you to connect with members and solicit their feedback.

How do you improve credit union member retention?

Sogolytics enables you to resolve member issues, analyze member behavior, and leverage member data for actionable insights that can be used to improve the member experience and boost retention rates.

How do you improve credit union member acquisition?

Sogolytics can help you turn existing members into brand advocates, develop effective marketing campaigns for your target audience, and dramatically improve your credit union’s online reputation.

How can Sogolytics help with online reputation management?

With dynamic linking, Sogo enables you to send out credit union member satisfaction surveys that automatically invite satisfied members to leave a public Google review. By inviting (and potentially incentivizing) your best brand advocates to leave online reviews, you can improve your online reputation and attract new members.

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