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With numerous data management features to help you understand, analyze, and present your data, SogoSurvey empowers you to make the most of your insights, every time.

It’s your data
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To make better decisions and power better experiences, you need the right data in the hands of the right people at the right time. With SogoSurvey, you’ll deliver – on time, every time.

Whether you prefer raw or analyzed data, static or dynamic results, SogoSurvey’s user-friendly data management features and workflows enable you to export, share, and control access with ease. Need to import historical data? Want to push results automatically? We’ve got you covered.

Learn from your results
with powerful data management features

Improve analysis and drive strategic decision-making with features that deliver.

Import the data you need

Need historic data to make things easier? You can easily import your past data to Sogolytics to ease key steps in your latest survey project!

Export data your way

With a multitude of export options, download the data in your most-preferred format, making it easy for you and your organization to take the next step.

Share reports easily

Keep everyone in the loop with shareable reports. Send them links to dynamic reports for real-time updates, or schedule the delivery of saved reports, ensuring everyone is in the know, always.

Share real-time, professional reports
with colleagues and clients

Import Survey Data

Import results from previous surveys, including paper-based surveys, for a more holistic picture and trend analysis.

Export Survey Data

Export first party data that you’ve collected from your audience to Microsoft Excel, CSV, Word, and HTML formats for further analysis.

Export Reports

Export reports to Word, Excel, and PowerPoint for presentation and analysis.

Email Dynamic Reports

Keep your team up to speed on the latest developments by emailing links to real-time reports.

Create Shareable Report Links

Quickly generate report links to share insights through your preferred channels.

Schedule Delivery of Saved Reports

Automate data management processes by scheduling the delivery of saved reports ahead of time to keep your team in the loop.

Real-Time Online Reports

Make it easy for team members to access live reports, even when they don’t have their own account.

Email Reports

Ensure only the right people have access to your data to protect your security as you empower action.

Share Reports via Social Media

Want to share results publicly? Distribute reports across social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter!

Let’s get started!

With Sogolytics, getting started is easy. We provide transparent monthly and annual pricing plans to help meet your needs. Explore our list of features, sign up online, and launch your campaign. If you prefer, try us for free. Seriously.

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Sogolytics offers advanced survey design and distribution, powerful analytics, and versatile reporting to help make the most of your feedback.

How can you manage survey data with Sogolytics?

Whether you want to import or export, we can help! Sogolytics allows you to export results from current survey projects, import data from old surveys, and manage secure data storage so you can get nuanced analytics that unveil the whole picture. Our powerful analytics help you decode insights that improve customer profiles and deliver better experiences for all. Export raw data or analyzed results, share dynamic links, and enjoy the best data management software features with Sogolytics!

Can you share live reports with Sogolytics?

Yes, Sogolytics empowers you to keep your colleagues informed with dynamic reports. Share real-time reports that show results as they come in, ensuring that all your team members stay in the loop, always.

Can participants who don’t have a Sogolytics account see live reports?

Our sophisticated data management systems allow you to share live report links with everyone, whether it’s by email, Teams, or even social media. Even recipients who don’t have a Sogolytics account can view the reports, seeing the updates in real time!

Which platforms can you use to share Sogolytics reports?

Export survey reports in numerous formats and share data across platforms – from email to social media – to reach the right people easily.

Can you schedule report distribution beforehand?

Stay on the ball with survey report delivery. Schedule emailing of saved reports so that timely updates are sent to the right people at the right time.

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