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Why settle for looking good when you can look great? Increase engagement and avoid survey abandonment with cutting-edge online survey design features! Save time with our ready-to-use, professionally designed templates, or start designing a survey from scratch. Add value with the right question types, easy customizations, advanced logic, and multi-lingual functionalities to appeal to any audience, and you’re ready to go.

Key Features

White Label Surveys

Create a seamless brand experience by designing a survey in your own inimitable style. Add in your logo, personalize the theme, and even customize the URL – you’re all set!

Anonymous Surveys

Win trust and get authentic feedback with completely confidential, 100% anonymous surveys

Pre-Fill Known Data

Increase transparency and save participants’ time by adding in the data you already know when designing a survey. This increases response accuracy as well as survey completion rates.

Create Multilingual Surveys

Improve data quality by expanding your audience and connecting with everyone using our survey design software’s automatic translation feature.

Enable Answer Attachments

Give participants the option to upload a file in their survey response.

Matrix Grid

Make it easier to answer multiple related questions by grouping them in a grid format.

Net Promoter Score

Find out how likely your customers are to recommend you to others with a simple question.

Drill Down Question Types

Rate answer options or provide similar choices with drill-down questions.

Design your first survey

New to surveys? Let Sogolytics be your guide. With customizable templates and intuitive tools, we make it easy to get started.


Create surveys that look and feel like an extension of your brand by customizing the font, colors and even logos. A sleek design reinforces your credibility— so does Sogolytics’ confidentiality & data security.


Dive deeper into our advanced survey design software by exploring our design features and options!

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