Increase employee engagement

Understand, engage, and retain talent with insights from our complete employee engagement platform.

Employee engagement
survey software with deep insights

Employees want to belong to an organization that cares. Targeted employee engagement surveys from our advanced platform help you to understand what’s needed to enhance employee experience, improve retention, and increase productivity.

Ask the right questions, get

meaningful answers

Employee engagement marks the difference between an organization that gets by and one that thrives.

With SogoEX, harness the power of employee feedback and robust analytics to take a deep dive into employee sentiment at your organization. With easy-to-use survey design, distribution, and reporting, our employee engagement software makes smarter decisions possible.

Collect data that matters
Uncover key drivers with expert-designed employee engagement survey questions.
Stay ahead of the game
Identify the greatest opportunities for improvement in real time.
Keep everyone in the loop
Help departments understand top team challenges and company-wide context.
Prioritize your people

SogoEX is more than an employee engagement survey tool. It drives meaningful information collection without forcing staff into binary choices. Employee engagement survey templates provide the structure you need to make the most out of your employees’ time.

Make it personal

You’ll see higher response rates when you show employees you value their unique perspectives. With an employee engagement platform that’s flexible enough to customize every conversation, make your communication count.

Keep it secure and private

Data privacy is more than protecting passwords. SogoEX is built from the ground up with top-tier security protocols in place, giving your organization and employees confidence that all data is protected, and anonymous messaging will stay that way.

Your data
working for you

SogoEX provides the right information at your fingertips so you won’t waste time on an employee engagement survey tool that doesn’t deliver.


Auto-fill data from personnel records for shorter and more engaging outreaches.


Connect with our support team around the clock for help whenever you need it.


Start from professional survey templates and customize them meet your needs.


Predict what’s ahead with interdepartmental reporting that tracks progress and success.


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