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Gather, analyze, and mobilize employee data to transform your organization’s corporate culture, attract better candidates, and improve employee retention with SogoEX.

Invest in your employees
and they’ll invest in your business

Setting up your team for success means more than just an annual employee experience survey or occasional check-ins. Cultivate a culture of insight-driven listening with an employee experience platform that provides a systematic approach to employee feedback.

Listen with intent
step. 01

Make it automatic

Automated pulse surveys and response tracking increase participation and engagement

step. 02

Keep it confidential

Anonymity encourages accurate and useful feedback that’s fearless

step. 03

Understand the relationship

Surveys across the employee lifecycle provide more meaningful insights and shows trends

step. 04

Break down data

Integrated analytics allow you to parse the data and develop action plans

step. 05

Turn words into action

Build an engaged workforce through comprehensive employee feedback

Prioritize your people

Across the employee lifecycle, your employees have the most valuable insights to help you boost productivity, lower attrition rates, and create your ideal corporate culture.

Ask the right questions

What motivates your employees? What would they change? Hear what they’re saying—and make strategic decisions based on insightful data.

At the right time

Gather insights at key touchpoints through the employee lifecycle with the employee experience platform that delivers up-to-date results.

All in real time

Understand and improve the employee experience, track changes in behavior and beliefs, and follow trends.

Listen, learn, and thrive

SogoEX helps you overcome any obstacles to gathering quality data for improving employee experience management. Collect honest, specific, and useful responses with ease—then turn those answers into insights with advanced analytics and drive positive change across your organization.

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employee experience management—simplified, without sacrificing the bells and whistles

SogoEX helps you build and support an engaged workforce that increases productivity for your business.


Pre-screen potential employees with customized surveys and assessments to find the right people at the right time.


Find out what resonates with new hires and improve the onboarding process with employee experience surveys and feedback.


Assess your employees’ knowledge, identify learning gaps, and help develop professional skills using customized assessments, surveys, and quizzes.


Keep employees engaged, monitor well-being, and help avoid burnout by taking proactive actions to boost retention and improve productivity.


Employee experience software ensures continuous feedback – performance reviews, 360 employee surveys, and beyond!

Exit interview

There is something to learn at every stage. SogoEX generates exit interview insights to help reduce employee turnover.


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