Save and Continue Later

Save and Continue Later is a feature that allows participants to save answers they have already entered and finish their surveys at a later time. This feature is inactive by default, and we suggest activating it for longer surveys where participants may have a hardtime finishing the full survey at once. If Save and Continue Later is activated in your survey, your survey participants will see the ‘Save & Continue Later’ option on their screen. The Save and Continue Later message will be displayed once they choose to save their work.

If survey invitations are sent through the single-use link method of publishing, the same, original participation link can be used to resume the survey.

On the other hand, if participants who have accessed a survey through a multi-use link choose to click on the ‘Save & Continue Later’ link, they are prompted to provide their e-mail address. A new participation link is e-mailed to them, allowing them to resume the survey.

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