Find and Replace

With Sogolytics, you can quickly find and replace text throughout your survey. This is especially helpful when there's a change in a key term or title referenced throughout a long survey.

  • Quickly change any text, comments, questions, answer options, or messages
  • Ensure consistency of language for a professional survey

We’re all used to the convenience of Find and Replace in our office software when we’re writing documents. But did you know that some survey tools do not offer the same convenience for surveys? Imagine the difficulty of doing a Find and Replace manually, page by page and line for line. With our Find and Replace feature, you can quickly find and edit any text in your survey, including questions, comments and messages.

Sogolytics is customer-focused, and we’ve made sure you have Find and Replace for creating your surveys and presenting the results.

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Also known as: word finder, replace text, search and replace word


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