Gather and analyze feedback for free

Intuitive UX meets cutting-edge features to give you all the basics of our powerful platform with our free survey maker solution.

Free surveys, endless applications

Running a one-time project? Trying out a survey experiment, but don’t want to spend?

Intuitive UX

Skip the learning curve with Sogolytics. Our platform is designed to be intuitive so you can accomplish your goals with any hassle.

Extensive Features

Want to get the results, but without the price tag? We’ve got a suite of features for you to leverage on your next survey project – and they’re all free!

24X7 Support

Need some help? We offer 24x7 email support on our basic plan to ensure you can make the most of Sogolytics.

Easily create and distribute captivating surveys that
resonate with your audience, then analyze the results with
our leading analytics – all for free.

Create free
surveys, easily

Improve participation by making your survey as interactive as possible. Add in images, use piping to embed answers in subsequent questions, and customize as you go to keep your participants engaged.
  • Customize survey look and feel
  • Multilingual surveys
  • Comprehensive survey template bank
  • 15+ question types
  • Embed videos, images, and more

Reach your participants,
wherever they are

Make it easier for your participants to engage by reaching participants on the platforms of their choice. Distribute via email, social media, and more with Sogolytics.
  • Numerous distribution methods
  • Mobile friendly
  • Track participation
  • Customize and templatize email invitations

Analyze participant

You’ve got the answers, but what does it all mean? Dive into the results to decode insights with powerful reporting. Further customize the appearance to see the answers in the best format.
  • Real time reports
  • Omni all-in-one report
  • Response trend report
  • Easy export to Word
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For Individuals
Ready to unlock more features? Explore our free trials and see all that Sogolytics can do. Collect employee feedback, design your post-event follow-up survey, and more.
For Businesses
Want to optimize your feedback collection? Streamline your workflow with intuitive features, powerful integrations, and more. Let’s get in touch, and we’ll help customize a solution that suits your needs.
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Frequently Asked Questions


Is the Sogolytics survey account completely free?


Yes, the Sogolytics Basic plan is a completely free survey creator. It has lifetime validity and doesn’t require a credit card to get started.


Is there a free way to create a survey?


You can create a survey for free using the Sogolytics Basic plan, or even with our free online survey trial accounts. You can easily access our template bank to get started on your project!


Is there an expiry on my free survey account?


There is no expiry date for the Basic account – it has lifetime validity. It is a completely free online survey maker that you can use for simple surveys and quizzes.


How do I create an online survey?


Our free survey software is extremely intuitive. Simply sign up to create your own basic account, and you can get started.


Can I build my own survey from scratch?


Our free survey tool comes with a variety of features to help you get started. You can build your survey from scratch using the various question types from our question bank, and even customize the look and feel of the survey to your liking. It is one of the best free survey tools in the industry.


How many responses do I get with each survey?


We understand the importance of feedback. That’s why we offer a competitive suite of features, even with our free survey maker. With our basic plan, you can create up to 15 projects, each with up to 500 questions per survey, and capture up to 200 responses.


What kind of surveys can I build?


You can build any kind of questionnaire, from quick forms to long customer or employee surveys using our free survey builder. You can even create polls to capture quick opinions from participants.


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