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CX Project

    CX Dashboard: Journey Map

    Measuring customer experience requires a holistic understanding of each customer’s interactions with your organization. Mapping the customer journey can help you to develop a better understanding of how well you’re serving customers at each stage.

    As you build out this map, you’ll define each stage and sub-stage and assign Tags to indicate the important people and processes involved. In turn, these stages and Tags will make it easier to analyze performance and key variables impacting overall CX.

    Creating a customer journey is strongly recommended. You may also choose to create multiple customer journey maps to help track the experiences of different groups of customers.

    Navigate to

    Follow the instructions below to create your Customer Journey:

    1. Choose to start from one of two locations:
      • On the CX Dashboard, click on the Customer Journey tab.
      • While working on another Customer Journey, click on the Create Customer Journey button on the top left.
    2. Choose your starting point. You have the following options:
      1. Create from Scratch

        If you already have a strong understanding of the journey stages, consider starting from a blank slate.

      2. Use a Blueprint:

        If you’re looking for research-backed inspiration, you may review or copy a customer journey blueprint directly into your account to customize further.

      3. Copy a Customer Journey:

        If you’d like to create a new journey map similar to one you’ve already designed, making a copy is a great timesaver.

      4. Once you’ve chosen your method, make the Journey your own:
        1. Name your Journey.
        2. Add a short description.
        3. Click Save to start customizing.