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Assessment Project

    Customize Results Page

    Customizing a post-submission page for your participants is a good idea. Including relevant customized information is even better.

    For your Assessments, you can create different Thank you messages based on a participant’s score obtained, percentage obtained, number of correct answers, and even category scores. This allows you to show relevant messages for every person being assessed.

    Follow the steps below to create differently customized Thank you messages based on participant scores:

    1. Create or open an Assessment to edit.
    2. From the Design menu bar, click on the Options icon, then select Results Page from the dropdown menu.
    3. If you’d like to display a static or custom message to your participants after they complete the assessment, enable ‘Once the participant has submitted the assessment, this option shows a static or custom follow-up message’.

    4. To include the weights, enable ‘Include weights when calculating the overall score shown to participants after the response is submitted.’.
    5. If you select to show a static Thank you message to all participants, you may still choose to pipe (insert) participant-specific results into the message, including Score/Percentage obtained, Category Score/Percentage obtained, or number of correct/incorrect answers.

    6. If you would like to display different messages for participants based on their scores, select Show Custom Messages.

    7. Next, customize the common header for your custom Thank you message. This message will be displayed above the custom Thank you message.

    8. Within the next box, customize your own messages. By default, Pass and Fail messages are already included.

    9. Modify, delete, or preview these custom messages by clicking the icons shown on the top right of each message.
    10. For each custom message created or modified, update three fields:
      • Criteria Label: This internal label helps you keep track of which message goes to which participants. Examples include Pass, Fail, Perfect Score, etc.

      • Condition: Choose the exact results that will cause this message to be displayed. You may choose to specify one or more conditions per message. Conditions may be based on overall score or percentage, a category-specific score or percentage, or number of correct or incorrect answers.

      • Message: Add the content to be shown to this group of participants once they’ve submitted the assessment. Beyond text, you may also choose to insert (pipe in) scoring variables to share specific results with participants.

      To pipe scoring variables into the Thank you message, follow the steps below:

      1. Click on the static or custom Thank you Message you would like to edit.
      2. Now click ‘Pipe Answers and Scores’ on the right end of the edit menu.
      3. You now have the option to insert answers of questions answered by the participant and also scores obtained. Select an appropriate option from the dropdown menu and place your cursor where you want the value to be displayed.
    11. To add more custom messages, click on ‘Add another message’. Up to 70 different messages can be created.
    12. Next, customize the common footer for your custom Thank you message. This message will be displayed below the custom Thank you message.

      Allow participants to print a copy of the Results Page by enabling “Allow participants to print a copy of their result?” under Print Options.

    13. Next, choose whether to display a Category Score Graph along with your thank you message to display scores by category.

    14. Decide whether to enable Chain Invite and/or URL Re-direct.
    15. Click Save.