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                                          Know Your Limits

                                          In accordance with our fair usage policy, Sogolytics sets limits in each package. Below, you’ll see the limits set for the most common features. For details on response limits, click here.

                                          Package LimitsBasicTrialPlus YearlyProPremium
                                          Questions per Survey500998998998998998998
                                          Total Surveys15UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
                                          Bearable Bounce Limit1%1%1%1%1%2%2%
                                          QDL Rules/PageNot offeredAs per packageNot offered15152020
                                          QDL Rules/SurveyNot offeredAs per packageNot offered5050200200
                                          Multi-question Branching (Skip Logic)Not offeredAs per packageNot offered3 pages 10 rules/page3 pages 10 rules/page10 rules/page10 rules/page
                                          Contact Lists10 with 10K contacts eachAs per package10 with 10K contacts each25 with 25K contacts each25 with 25K contacts each50 with 40K contacts each50 with 40K contacts each
                                          Test Invitations100/survey100/survey100/survey100/survey100/survey100/survey100/survey
                                          SMS InvitationsNot offeredNot offeredNot offeredNot offeredNot offered100/Month & 500 Annually100/Month & 500 Annually
                                          FiltersNot offeredAs per packageNot offered50 conditions/filter50 conditions/filter50 conditions/filter50 conditions/filter