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                                          Multiple Text Box

                                          The Multiple Text Box question type is perfect when you’d like to ask participants to provide responses to a series of related open-ended questions. For example, you might use this question type to ask participants to list three cities they’ve visited recently. Along with the option to set formatting validation on specific boxes (email address, numbers, etc.), the Multiple Text Box provides more structure than a standard Text Box – improving data quality.

                                          To add a Multiple Text Box question to your project, drag and drop the question type from the panel on the left to the correct spot on the right. As you build this question, you’ll see the following options:

                                          • Add Sub-Question text (the prompts/labels for each field) or leave this blank if the prompts are clearly identified in the question.
                                          • For each Text Box field, you can set a different format. You’ll see the following formats:
                                            • General: This format allows the participant to enter any type of text. Based on your requirements and goals, choose from a variety of formatting options.
                                              • Limit total character count
                                                Choose how many characters participants should be allowed to enter and you’ll see this total converted into an estimated number of words, for your reference. You may also choose whether to display the available character count to participants.
                                              • Adjust height and width
                                                Decide the size of the text field that participants will see, setting the width by percentage of display and height by number of lines.
                                              • Allow only short answer text
                                                • This option is available for only Text Box – General format. Selecting this option means that participants will be able to provide only short text answers.
                                                • When analyzing results, these short answers can be used to segment responses in the Omni Report.
                                                • For example:
                                                  Allow participants to enter their own location rather than choosing from a list, then segment responses by location in your report. Or, if you’d like to report on participants’ favorite brands but want to avoid biasing their responses, you might choose to provide them with a blank field rather than a list of options.

                                                  • To reduce the margin of error, a maximum of 30 characters and a minimum of 100 character can be set when short answer text is enabled.
                                                  • Once this option is enabled, it cannot be changed once responses have been received.

                                            • Currency: This format requires the participant to enter a number within a range that you set. If you do not set a range, any number will be accepted. You can choose to display a currency symbol by checking ‘Append currency symbol’ and choosing a currency from the drop down menu.
                                            • Email: This format requires the participant to enter an email address including an @ sign and a period. Check the box to require participants to enter the address twice for validation.
                                            • Phone Number: This format requires the participant to enter a phone number in the format (201) 555-0123.
                                            • Number: This format requires the participant to enter a valid number. You may set an expected range by identifying high and low values. If you do not set a range, any number will be accepted. You can also choose to accept only integer number by checking on ‘Allow only integer value’. This will accept only numbers without decimal.
                                            • Percentage: This format requires the participant to enter a valid number. You can also restrict answers to be within a given range. If you do not set a range, any number will be accepted.
                                            • Social Security Number: This format requires the participant to enter numbers in the ###-##-#### format.
                                            • U.S. ZIP Code: This format requires the participant to enter exactly five digits.
                                            • U.S. ZIP Code + 4: This format requires the participant to enter exactly five or nine digits.
                                            • Custom: This option allows you to create a customized required format. Enter ‘#’ for numbers and ‘@’ for alphabetic characters. For example, if your organization uses employee IDs like mmk777, you may require the format @@@###.

                                            Once you’ve set the format for a particular field, you may choose to click the arrow icon to apply the same settings to all.

                                            Within this question type, the following options are available:

                                          • Data Population: Pre-fill the response during distribution or post-fill after participation.
                                          • Mandatory Response: Require participants to respond to a critical question.
                                          • Encouraged Response: Nudge participants who skip a question to reconsider by displaying a customized request message.
                                          • Question Hint: Add extra information that can help provide clarification for participants.
                                          • Vertical spacing between Text Boxes
                                          • Sub-Question location: Choose where to display your Sub-Question relative to the text field.
                                          • Sub-Question Sequence: Choose to rotate, randomize, or display answer options as entered.
                                          • Column Format: Choose to display Text Boxes in columns.
                                          • Add Media: Add an accompanying image, video, or audio file.