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                                          Rating Radio Button

                                          The Rating Radio Button question type allows you to show participants the qualitative values (words!) on a rating scale while still collecting weights (numbers!) for each answer. Answer options are generally arranged along a scale, perhaps from Strongly Disagree to Strongly Agree, and the applied weights allow you to report on both frequency and average weighted score. In other words, you’ll know how many people selected Strongly Disagree as well as the average score on the given scale – perhaps a 3.7 out of 7. If a weight is not assigned to a given answer option, responses will not impact the average.

                                          To add a Rating Radio Button question to your survey, drag and drop the question type from the panel on the left to the correct spot on the right.

                                          As you build this question and enter the answer choices, you’ll see the text fields to enter hidden weights. Adding a weight to an answer option provides a numerical value to the participant’s response. In reporting, values can be used to calculate an average weighted response.

                                          Within this question type, the following options are available:

                                          • Mandatory Response: Require participants to respond to a critical question.
                                          • Encouraged Response: Nudge participants who skip a question to reconsider by displaying a customized request message.
                                          • Question Hint: Add extra information that can help provide clarification for participants.
                                          • Rearrange Answers: Add an image, video or audio to your question.
                                          • Answer Sequence: Set the sequence of the answer options as entered or rotate/randomize for every participant.
                                          • Answer Columns: Choose to display answer options in columns.
                                          • Data Population: Pre-fill the response during distribution or post-fill after participation.
                                          • Add Media: Add an accompanying image, video, or audio file.