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CX Project

    Custom Metrics Settings

    Created a Custom CX Metric? Use Tags to track trends in this metric on your Dashboard. On the top of your Dashboard, past the default metric cards, you’ll see your custom metric card. If you have created multiple custom metrics, use the dropdown menu to switch between them easily.

    You can configure the calculation for your custom metric displayed by clicking the setting icons on the top and clicking on Custom Metrics from the left menu.

    From here, you can view, modify, or display any of the Custom Metrics created in your account.

    Options include:

    • Rename a Custom Metric.
    • Enable Show on Dashboard so it’s available within the custom metric dropdown.
    • Preview your metric question.
    • Configure calculations including:
      • Weighted Score: This score is calculated based on the weights assigned to each answer option.
      • Weighted Score as Percentage: This percentage is calculated by dividing the weighted score by highest weight and multiplying by 100.
      • Percentage Favorable: This percentage is calculated from favorable responses divided by total responses and multiplied by 100.
      • Net Intent: This is the percentage of positive responses minus the percentage of negative responses.