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                                          Add Languages

                                          With marketplaces expanding around the globe, there is an ever-increasing need to collect feedback from wider audiences. To get the most accurate results, you need to hear from the right participants, and that often means creating surveys in a variety of languages. Multilingual surveys can help you reach and research a broad, global network of customers, employees, vendors, partners, and prospects.

                                          Sogolytics is a global platform, serving customers all around the world. Build a survey in our platform, and in just a few clicks, auto-translate and launch that one survey in many different languages.

                                          You can add multiple language for your participants to choose from or build your entire survey in a single language. Below, you’ll find a list of available Primary and Secondary Languages.

                                          Primary Language is the survey’s main language of participation and once selected, it cannot be changed if you add questions. The following options are available as Primary Languages:

                                          • Indonesian
                                          • Cape Verdean
                                          • Czech
                                          • Dutch
                                          • English
                                          • Filipino
                                          • Finnish
                                          • French
                                          • German
                                          • Haitian Creole
                                          • Hmong
                                          • Italian
                                          • Maori
                                          • Portuguese (Brazil)
                                          • Portuguese (Portugal)
                                          • Slovencina
                                          • Spanish
                                          • Swedish
                                          • Turkish

                                          Secondary languages are alternate participation languages. When secondary languages are applied, participants will be asked to choose a language before seeing the first page of the survey. The following options are available as Secondary Languages:

                                          • Arabic
                                          • Indonesian
                                          • Bosnian
                                          • Burmese
                                          • Cape Verdean
                                          • Chinese (Simplified)
                                          • Chinese (Traditional)
                                          • Czech
                                          • Dutch
                                          • English (UK)
                                          • Filipino
                                          • Finnish
                                          • French
                                          • German
                                          • Greek
                                          • Haitian Creole
                                          • Hebrew
                                          • Hindi
                                          • Hmong
                                          • Italian
                                          • Japanese
                                          • Korean
                                          • Mongolian
                                          • Malayalam
                                          • Maori
                                          • Nepalese
                                          • Norwegian
                                          • Persian
                                          • Polish
                                          • Portuguese (Brazil)
                                          • Portuguese (Portugal)
                                          • Russian
                                          • Serbian
                                          • Slovencina
                                          • Spanish
                                          • Swedish
                                          • Tamil
                                          • Thai
                                          • Turkish
                                          • Urdu
                                          • Vietnamese

                                          Add Language(s)

                                          There are multiple possible ways to add one or more new languages to your survey.

                                          • Creating a new project:
                                            1. Start a new project from the Create button on Home or in the top right corner of any other page.
                                            2. Provide a title for your project.
                                            3. Choose the primary language for your survey. Keep in mind, this primary language cannot be changed once you start building your survey.
                                            4. If you’d like to add more language options, enable Add Languages. You can add multiple languages here.
                                            5. Click Start to start building your survey.

                                          • From Designer:
                                            1. From the Language Name dropdown in the top left-hand corner, click to review enabled languages.
                                            2. If you didn’t add a secondary language when you started building your survey, click ‘Add a language’ to add it now.
                                          • From Options:
                                            1. Click on the settings icon and choose Language.
                                            2. You’ll see the primary selected. If you already have added questions, you will not be able to change it.
                                            3. If you’d like to add secondary language, enable the toggle beside “Would you like to allow participants to respond in any other language(s)?”
                                            4. Search and select the language(s) you’d like to add.
                                            5. Save.
                                          • Participants will begin the survey with a language selection screen. The chosen language will be displayed on the top right-hand corner of the screen, on the first page of the survey.

                                            Learn more about adding translations for your survey.

                                          Add More Languages

                                          Looking for a language that does not appear within the platform? Request a new language, or add it yourself!

                                          Here’s how:

                                          1. Click on your initials in the top right corner of your screen, then go to Account Settings.
                                          2. From the menu on the left, select Custom Labels and Text.
                                          3. Click the Add/Customize Language button at the top right, click on Request a new Language.
                                          4. ‘Request New Language’ is available for Enterprise users. Please contact support for more details.

                                          5. Enter your language name and any additional notes.
                                          6. Choose a default language. This language will serve as the base for all customization and any labels that may not be translated.
                                          7. Once your request is submitted, our support team will follow up with you within the next few days.

                                          To Disable Secondary Language(s)

                                          1. On the Design menu bar, click on the Settings icon and choose Language.
                                          2. Toggle off to disable Secondary Language(s).
                                          3. Click Save.

                                          To Remove a Secondary Language

                                          1. On the Design menu bar, click Text & Translations.
                                          2. Select the language you would like to remove.
                                          3. Click ‘Reset this Translation’.
                                          4. Click Save at the bottom of the screen.
                                          5. On the Design menu bar, click the Settings icon and choose Language.
                                          6. Click X beside the language you want to remove.
                                          7. Click Save.