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                                          Text & Translations

                                          The Text & Translations feature allows you to edit all the text in your project at once and to add translations for all languages. This is especially helpful when you want to review all of your content in a slightly different perspective to make sure everything is consistent and correct.

                                          Follow the steps listed below to bulk edit survey text:

                                          1. Open your project within Design.
                                          2. From the Design menu bar, click Text & Translations.
                                          3. If your project includes multiple languages, choose the language to review in the top left corner of the page.
                                          4. Review all the questions as well as their answer options.
                                          5. Once you have completed your edits and updates, save your changes.
                                          6. If you need to review text in another language, repeat the process by returning to the language selection dropdown menu in the top left. From here, choose your language, or add a new language.

                                          Bing Auto Translate

                                          • Sogolytics offers the integrated Bing translator, a third-party tool, to automatically translate your project into additional languages. You may choose to translate all or selected text. The current text in the Primary language is used as the basis for each auto-translation.
                                          • Please note that running auto-translation will replace any selected text that is already translated. Links or other HTML formatting will also be removed during auto-translation, and formatting should be reviewed before saving.
                                          • To save the translation, click to save at the bottom of this screen.
                                          • Disclaimer: Sogolytics provides no guarantee regarding the accuracy or completeness of the translation. Based on the options available in this tool, some languages may not be available for automatic translation.
                                          • It is highly recommended to review each translation manually with a language expert.