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                                          Dynamic Contact Lists: OneDrive

                                          Is OneDrive your one-stop source for contact info? Excellent! Choose to connect OneDrive with your Sogolytics account and you can create dynamic Contact Lists based on the latest contacts in your Excel or CSV files. This option is great if you have evolving lists of employees or customers you’d like to collect feedback from – but you don’t want to spend time updating distribution lists manually!

                                          Coming soon! We’re just about to roll out this feature! Learn more now, then check back soon!

                                          This feature is available only in our Enterprise plan. Contact us to take advantage of this option.

                                          To create a dynamic Contact List using OneDrive, please follow the steps below.

                                          1. Find your project and click on the Publish icon.
                                          2. On the far-right end of the menu bar, click on Contact Lists.
                                          3. Click Create New, then choose List.
                                          4. On the first step, enter a unique and descriptive name, then select the List type.
                                          5. Select ‘Import from external sources’ and select OneDrive.
                                          6. Select the OneDrive folder where files containing contact details will be uploaded.
                                          7. If you haven’t already done so, upload a sample file to this Drive folder. This sample file will be used to map your desired Contact List structure.
                                          8. Within the Sogolytics platform, select the sample file from within the Drive folder and map the email address and any other columns. No contacts will be uploaded from the sample file at this time.

                                            To update the Contact List correctly, all future files must follow the same format as the mapped file, including the exact order of the email address column and any additional columns.

                                          9. Automation Rules
                                            1. File Selection: Choose which files will be used to add/update records.
                                              1. All Files: Records to be added/updated from every file uploaded.
                                              2. New Files only: Records to be added/updated from the most recent file.
                                              3. Files uploaded on selected days: Records to be added/updated from the files only on the day(s) selected. Add multiple days by clicking on the plus icon.
                                            2. Schedule Automation Rule: List records will be added/updated at this time based on the rules below. Choose Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Instantly, or Custom schedule.

                                              When Instantly is selected, any changes in the linked Salesforce account or OneDrive, or SFTP folder (new files uploaded or modified) will automatically add/update records.

                                            3. Pick your start and end date.
                                            4. Add/Update Method: Choose how the list should be modified.
                                              1. Update existing list and add new records: Add email addresses and additional fields of content. If these records already exist, they will be updated. If not, they will be added as new records.
                                              2. Only update existing records: Change details for your existing records. This option is not available when creating the rule. If you need to enable this, create the list then click View/Modify Rule and select this option.
                                              3. Only insert new records: Update your Contact List with only new records and other details.
                                            5. Email Alerts: Choose to notify up to 10 alternate email addresses of successes and/or failures.
                                              1. Send an alert email to confirm successful rule execution.
                                              2. Send an alert email if automation fails.