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CX Project

    Build a Customer Journey Map

    Ready to create your Customer Journey Map? Here’s how:

    1. Once you’ve chosen your method to create a customer journey, provide the following details:
      1. Assign a unique name to differentiate your Customer Journey Map.
      2. Add a small description of the Customer Journey created.
      3. Click on Save to begin building your first Customer Journey Map.
    2. Name each Stage and add a description.
    3. If a Stage is made up of multiple steps or related process, create Sub-stages.
    4. Click on the Tags section for every sub-stage to assign Tags. Tags are required to indicate the touchpoints, departments, teams or other custom business elements involved at each Stage/Sub-stage.
    5. Customize the Journey map further by adding multiple Stages and Sub-stages.
    6. Hover over any Journey Stage and click on the + icon to the right or left of the Stage to add another.
    7. Click on the three-dot menu beside the Stage to delete or add color to the Stage.
    8. Click on the three-dot menu beside the Sub-stages to move them right or left within the Stage or to delete a Sub-stage.
    9. Update the display from the left panel beside the labels. The three-dot menu contains various display options such as hide/unhide, move up/down, and pin/unpin. You may also add an extra row above or below the available rows. Custom rows can contain only text.
    10. Once you have added all the details, save the Journey to view on the Dashboard.
    11. As responses are collected, metric data associated with your identified Tags will begin to populate your Customer Journey. Tagged Drivers in your projects are also analyzed and segregated into Strengths and Weaknesses.