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                                          Email Dynamic Reports

                                          With just one click, you can email real-time reports to clients or colleagues. Plus, the Sogolytics Email Reports Dashboard tracks it all. Our email reporting features allow you to:

                                          • Update reports dynamically
                                          • Customize email content and design
                                          • Schedule reports for later
                                          • Set up recurring report delivery
                                          • Set expiration date for the report
                                          • See when and how often the report is viewed.

                                          Wherever you are in the platform, it’s always easy to access Emailed Reports!

                                          • Within Report, you’ll find Emailed Reports on the right end of the Report menu bar.
                                          • From anywhere in the platform, access Emailed Reports by clicking on the Resource Hub icon in the top right corner of your screen.

                                          Email Report

                                          Follow these simple steps to email a report:

                                          1. Select your project and click on Report.
                                          2. On the Report menu bar, click on Saved Reports. If you haven’t saved a report, you can start by generating a report.
                                          3. If you’ve already saved the report you’d like to send, click Saved Reports on the menu bar, then find the appropriate report by using the search field or filter icon. You may choose to view reports for this project or all projects, specific report types, or specific project types.
                                          4. Enter the Report title and select the format in which the report link will be delivered.
                                            1. HTML email format: This option allows you to make your reports visually appealing by adding colors or images.
                                            2. Plain Text email format: This option allows you to remove all HTML formatting, which can assist with accessibility when recipients may be unable to read the HTML format.
                                          5. Choose whether you would like the recipients to be able to drill down to individual responses or filter the report. These options are available only if a single saved report is being shared.

                                            Allowing recipients to filter the report is available when sharing an Omni Report.

                                          6. Edit and update email content and apply any required color customization.
                                          7. Click on Continue to proceed.
                                          8. Choose from the following options to send or schedule your report:
                                            1. Send Now: Emailed reports will be sent right away.
                                            2. Schedule for later: Reports will be sent at a future date and time you indicate.
                                            3. Recurring: Reports will be mailed to the provided address(es) on the schedule of your choice, including daily, weekly, or monthly.
                                            4. Custom: Reports will be sent when the project expires or when the number of responses reaches an identified total.
                                          9. Preview and confirm, then click ‘Email Report’ to send the report via email.

                                          By default, the emailed report link expires 30 days after it is sent. The report expiry date can be modified for all delivery methods except Custom. As conditions for Custom delivery options are not date-based, expiration of these report links is 30 days following delivery. This expiration date cannot be manually changed while sending out email.

                                          Based on your display resolution or browser zoom, you may see a 3-dot icon on the far right of the Report menu bar. Click here to access Saved Reports, Emailed Reports, and Filter Manager.