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                                          Forward Your Emails into SogoConnect

                                          Ready to bring together all of the messages that come your way? Your SogoConnect account can receive both direct and forwarded emails to develop the full picture!

                                          Users who have been added to the Email Team may receive emails sent directly to the Email Address for Customers. These Users will be able to assign these new Dialogues to the relevant Interest Areas as needed.

                                          All Users can forward emails into their own SogoConnect accounts for follow-up like normal Dialogues.

                                          OPEN: From your company address, forward any email to open@mail16.sogosurveys.com. A new Dialogue will automatically be created in your My Dialogues folder.

                                          Example Case: You’ve just received an email from a frustrated client about a customer service experience. You can use the forward and forget model, or take your customer service to another level. Simply respond to the client via email and cc open@mail16.sogosurveys.com. This will create a Dialogue in your account that includes the Customer’s message, name, and contact information. Simply reassign that Dialogue to the appropriate User, and SogoConnect will track the progress of their follow-up.

                                          CLOSE: Want to close a loop and keep everyone on the same page? Forward (or cc!) to closed@mail16.sogosurveys.com and your newly created Dialogue will show up in your Closed Dialogues. Dialogues forwarded in through this method will also immediately send the customer a feedback form.

                                          Example Case: You’ve been corresponding back and forth with an industry influencer who will be joining your next webinar. Keep all of this information to yourself, or share with your team so they’re well-informed, too, and know how to respond if you’re unavailable. When sending your final “See you soon!” note, cc closed@mail16.sogosurveys.com. Now, this chain of correspondence will show up as a Dialogue in your Closed Dialogues box. You can drop it in the right Interest Area and add any team members who should be aware, plus collect feedback from your guest — and even webinar attendees!

                                          Once within SogoConnect, these emails can be assigned to Interest Areas and treated as normal Dialogues. Best of all, you’ll be able to collaborate with your team and report on the bigger picture.