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CX Project

    Launch your CX Project

    Built your CX project? It’s time to launch!


    If you’re going live with a project for the first time, review the basics of publishing.

    When launching a CX project, keep in mind a few best practices:

    • Mapping the touchpoints of your customer journey can help you to plan the best time to distribute, whether as a follow-up to something that’s just happened or as a delayed check-in.
    • Use what you know about your customers to choose the right distribution channels. If you have phone numbers, send SMS invitations. If you have email addresses, send branded, customized email templates including Single-Use Links.
    • Simplify distribution by building Contact Lists and include fields for pre-population that will allow you to segment and filter your results for maximum insights — by industry, location, product, or any other breakdown you need.
    • In between touchpoints, keep communication open with always-on options embedded in your website or linked from social media channels.
    • As results come in, keep up with responses across all channels through Track Survey, and get ready to analyze!