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CX Project

    Manage Goal

    Set goals to improve customer experience in critical areas, then manage all of your goals in one central location.

    Here’s how:

    1. Open the CX Dashboard.
    2. Click on the gear/settings icon in the right-hand corner.
    3. Select Metric Goals from the left menu.
    4. If you have added goals in different trend graphs, you’ll see all of them together here. To add a new goal, click on Add New Goal.
    5. Choose the metric you’d like to set up the goal for and enter the goal value. You can only enter values within the range of your metric score.
    6. Next, choose where on the Dashboard you’d like to display this goal.
      • Overall: Set the metric goal for all the metric trend graphs in Overview and Comparison tabs.
      • Overview: Set goals for trend graphs only in Overview.
      • Comparison: Set goals only for trend graph in the Comparison tab for each Tag Category/Custom Comparison.
    7. Save.