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    Manage Milestones

    Manage Milestones
    From product launches to process updates, every organization goes through changes. How do these changes impact your customers? Find out by including Milestones on your CX Dashboard. Add important events and milestones to the trend graphs to understand their impact on metric score changes, then manage all of your milestones in one central location.

    Here’s how:

    1. Open the CX Dashboard.
    2. Click on the gear/settings icon in the right-hand corner.
    3. Select Graph Milestone from the left menu. If you have added Milestones, you’ll see them listed here.
    4. To add a new milestone, click Create New.
    5. Give your Milestone a name and description and select the date.
    6. Next, choose where on the Dashboard you’d like to display this Milestone.
      • All Widgets: Set the Milestone for all the metric trend graphs in Overview and Comparison tabs.
      • Selected Widgets: Set the Milestones for only selected trend graphs. Choose the metric trend graphs where this Milestone needs to be shown.
    7. Save

    Milestone Options

    • Once added, a Milestone will appear on trend graphs as a vertical dotted line.
    • To view Milestone details, hover over the dotted line.
    • To hide a Milestone from the trend graph, click on the three dots and then click Milestones to make your choice.
      • Click Hide next to Milestone to hide it completely.
      • Click Hide next to Milestone Grid Line to remove the vertical line.
      • Click Manage Milestones to review settings for all Milestones.