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Poll Project

    Launch your Poll

    As you finish building your poll and customizing settings for your participants, the last step is to launch your poll.

    On the very last step of your poll wizard, you’ll see two publishing options. Depending on how you would like to share this poll, you can generate either a link or an embed code.

    • Quick Participation link: Generates a participation link for the poll. This link can be posted anywhere or shared among participants. For multilingual polls, a new link will be generated for each language. You will see the primary language at the top followed by secondary languages.
    • Poll Embed Code:Generates an HTML code which can be used to embed the poll in websites or blogs to collect responses. For multilingual polls, a language dropdown will be displayed. The primary language will be selected by default and its code will be shown. Changing the dropdown options will show the code for each corresponding language.

    Click on Finish to publish and make the Poll live.