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                                          Quota Management

                                          If you want to set a limit on the number of responses to a particular question, then Quota Management is the perfect solution for you! Once a desired number of responses have been received, Quota Management allows you to gray out or delete an answer option, making it inaccessible to participants.

                                          For example:If only 10 seats are available for the 9 a.m. class, that session can be either grayed out or hidden when 10 participants have registered. Using Quota Management on a training registration form simplifies logistics and reduces frustration.

                                          Follow the steps listed below to set your limits:

                                          1. Create a new survey or select a survey to edit.
                                          2. Choose the question on which Quota Management should be applied.
                                          3. Quota Management can be set for the following question types: Drop Down, Radio Button, Image Choice, Horizontal Radio, Check Box, List Box.

                                          4. Hover over the chosen question, click More, and then click on Set Answer Quota.

                                          5. Select the answer option(s) you want to retire once a certain number of responses have been received.
                                          6. Under Specify Quota, provide the number of responses you need before retiring the answer option(s).

                                          7. Under the Action dropdown, select either Grayed Out if you want the answer option grayed out or Remove From List if you want the answer option hidden.

                                          8. If you choose Grayed Out, enter the message you want to display when a participant selects this answer option. If your survey is multilingual, an option to enter messages for each respective language will be available.

                                          9. Make your changes and click on Save.