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                                          Permission Levels

                                          SogoConnect has been designed to maximize collaboration across teams. User permissions allow security and data protection but also encourage appropriate team workflow. See the tables below for information on the various User permissions found within SogoConnect.

                                          User Levels & Permissions

                                          Role: System Administrator

                                          • Function: Control Settings
                                          • Specifics: Full access to Settings to customize account, including Interest Areas, (with the exception of Private Interest Areas) Users, and Dialogues.
                                          • Permission: View all Dialogues, reports.

                                          Role: Global User

                                          • Function: Overview of account
                                          • Specifics: Limited access to Settings.
                                          • Permission: View all Dialogues, reports

                                          Role: Category Owner

                                          • Function: Overview of Interest Area Category
                                          • Specifics: Limited access to Settings, Full access to Users, Dialogues and Interest Areas under the owned Category, (including Private Interest Areas).
                                          • Permissions: View all Dialogues and reports under the Category

                                          Role: Team Owner

                                          • Function: Point person for content area
                                          • Specifics: One per team, receives alert for new Dialogue and determines action, along with limited access to Settings.
                                          • Permission: View only team Dialogues, reports

                                          Role: Team Member

                                          • Function: Content area expert
                                          • Specifics: Available to help respond to Dialogues, as determined by team owner
                                          • Permission: View only team Dialogues, reports

                                          Role: Recorder

                                          • Function: Enter new content
                                          • Specifics: Not responsible for follow-up, and limited access to Settings.
                                          • Permission: Views only Dialogues he/she has entered