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                                          Track Automated Distribution

                                          Your server is set, your files are uploaded, and your automation rules are in place. Now, all you have to do is sit back and watch the magic happen! Still, if you’d like, you can always review or revisit your settings.

                                          This feature is available only in our Enterprise plan. Contact us to take advantage of this option.

                                          Here’s how:

                                          1. Select your project, then click on the Publish icon.
                                          2. Select Automated Distribution under the Email column.
                                          3. View a summary of the automation rules set for this project.

                                            Here’s what you’ll see:

                                            • A card for each of these three metrics:
                                              • Automation Start Date
                                              • Total Invitations Sent
                                              • Total Responses

                                              Once the automation process starts, a timestamped list of any modifications will be shown.

                                            • Pause Automation Rule: This option suspends distribution of email invites/reminders. Distribution will not resume until you start the automation rule again.
                                            • Edit Rule: This option lets you review the rules and make any modifications, then save and overwrite the existing rule.
                                            • View Automation Rule: This option provides an overview of the existing rule.
                                            • Delete: This option lets you delete the saved automation rule if it has not yet started.
                                            • The table below lists all the files used, as well as the invitations sent and records bounced from each.

                                          Good to Know

                                          • You cannot delete an Email Template that is used in a live automated distribution process. To delete an Email Template, end the automation or edit the rule to use a different Email Template.
                                          • You cannot change the language of an Email Template that is used in a live automated distribution process.
                                          • Any changes made to an Email Templates that is used in a live automated distribution process will be reflected in the emails sent from that process. Invitations sent will reflect the most recently modified version.
                                          • If any mismatches are found during distribution, those records will be uploaded into the SFTP project folder within a sub-folder of mismatched records.
                                          • An alert email will be sent to the account email address in the event of any of these issues:
                                            • No file found
                                            • Invalid file format uploaded
                                            • No records found in an uploaded file
                                            • No survey project found [deleted project]
                                            • No invitations sent [all addresses invalid/unsubscribed]
                                            • No invitations sent [The number of valid email addresses found was smaller than the sample size specified in your randomized delivery automation rules]