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                                          Email Invitations with Salesforce

                                          If you use Salesforce to keep track of leads and contacts, you can use Salesforce Workflows to send email invitations to leads and contacts based on the rules of your choice. This is a great way to automate your processes and collect fresh, timely feedback.

                                          For example:When a case is closed, you might choose to send a follow-up survey to the relevant contact asking them to rate the support received.

                                          This feature is available only in our Enterprise plan. Contact us to take advantage of this option.

                                          Here’s how to setup a trigger for email invitations based on a Salesforce Workflow:

                                          1. Connect your Salesforce account with Sogolytics under Utilities > Integrations.
                                          2. Once the connection is complete, open your Salesforce account.
                                          3. In Salesforce go to Setup, and under Create select Workflow and then Workflow Rules.
                                          4. Select an Object on which the condition needs to be created.
                                          5. Click Next, name your Workflow Rule, and specify the Workflow conditions.
                                          6. In the next step, Add Workflow Action, select New Outbound Message, and add Name and Unique Name.
                                          7. Within your Sogolytics account, select the project that you would like to associate with the Salesforce Workflow.
                                          8. Go to Distribute, and click Publish.
                                          9. Select Single-use Link as the Publishing option and then select the email message that should be sent to the recipients.
                                          10. On the Select Source step, select Salesforce Workflow.
                                          11. Select the Salesforce object for which you created the Workflow rule. Ensure your selection is correct and matches the Workflow Object.
                                          12. In the Email Field object, select the email address field to which the invitation should be sent.
                                          13. If you have used Pre-Population in your project, or Mail Merge in your email message, you will be prompted to provide the values using Salesforce attributes of the selected Object.
                                          14. Follow the publishing wizard until the last step. Here, choose when the email invitation should be triggered. You may choose to send invitations as soon as Salesforce Workflow conditions are met or after a delay.
                                          15. On the last step, click Done.
                                          16. Now, you will be provided with an Endpoint URL.
                                          17. Copy this URL, and return to your Salesforce account.
                                          18. Go to the last step of your Workflow Rule, where you selected Workflow Action as New Outbound Message. Here, paste the Sogolytics Endpoint URL in the Endpoint URL field.
                                          19. Click Save.
                                          20. Your Salesforce Email Invitation trigger is now set. Whenever the Workflow Rule’s conditions are met, an email invitation will be sent to the selected Object’s email field.
                                          21. To review all of your Endpoint URLs, as needed, visit Utilities > Integrations > Salesforce.