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                                          Question Bank

                                          The Question Bank allows you to deposit questions from existing surveys in groups. These questions can then be used elsewhere in the same survey or in your future surveys, saving you plenty of time in your survey design.

                                          Within the Question Bank, you’ll see System Categories, which each include pre-built questions. You may also create your own categories and add questions to each.

                                          Here’s how:

                                          Create a Category

                                          1. Create a survey or edit an existing survey.
                                          2. At the top of the question panel on the left, click Question Bank.
                                          3. Click Add Category.
                                          4. Enter the name of the category and save.
                                          5. To rename a User Defined Category, hover over the name and click the edit icon.

                                          Delete a Category

                                          1. Hover over a category you added. (System Categories cannot be deleted)
                                          2. Click on the delete icon.

                                          Depositing Questions to Categories

                                          1. Create a survey or edit an existing survey.
                                          2. Hover over the question you would like to add to the Bank.
                                          3. Click on the three-dot menu and click on Deposit to Question Bank.
                                          4. From the dropdown menu, choose the category you would like to add your question to or add a new category.
                                          5. To add the question, click Deposit.
                                          6. To add multiple questions to the Bank, use Bulk Actions.

                                          Use Questions from the Bank

                                          Adding questions from the Question Bank saves you time and improves your consistency. You may re-use the questions in your Bank as many times as you want. Here’s how:

                                          1. Navigate to the Question Bank in the left panel, click on your chosen category.
                                          2. Hover over the question to preview.
                                          3. You can click on the three-dot menu and choose to preview, move to another category, or delete the question.
                                          4. To use a question, drop it onto the survey canvas on the right.
                                          5. You can also, select multiple questions and drop it onto the survey canvas.