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CX Project

    CX Metric Prediction

    Want to know where to invest your time and resources? Metric prediction allows to study how the variables represented by your CX driver questions impact the metric score. The interactive simulation allows you to increase or decrease CX driver ratings, calculates the impact, and plots the predicted metric score. Examining these results can help you to make decisions about which changes can have the biggest impact on improving your customers’ experience.

    Here’s how:

    1. Open the CX Dashboard and click on the Prediction tab.
    2. On the left, select the metric you want to view.
    3. The five most significant drivers for the selected metric will be displayed on the left. If you do not see any drivers, it could be because:
      • you do not have any drivers
      • none of the drivers have a significant impact on the metric selected
    4. Click on the settings icon besides Significant Drivers to view all significant drivers and select the ones you would like to use.
    5. Simulate an increase or decrease in driver ratings by moving the sliders for different Significant Drivers. As you move driver ratings on the left, the predicted metric score will be plotted on the right.
    6. To view metric score predictions for specific Tags, use Tag filters. Keep in mind: Because time and Tag filters change the responses displayed, these filters will impact the Driver ratings and significance.