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                                          Import Sogolytics1 Format

                                          Sogolytics1 format is an Excel format which is only used to import responses back into the platform. Generally, it is used to upload responses received offline (paper survey responses) or to upload responses from some other survey for combined analysis. This powerful export option can also be used to review any Excel document that you would like to upload, so that your data is organized in such a way that importing becomes seamless.

                                          Sogolytics1 Formatting

                                          The format of exported responses varies from question to question. A few essentials tips will be helpful:

                                          • First Column in your Sogolytics1 document (serial number) must be unique to differentiate one response from another. Or, you can entirely remove this column to let the system assign an auto generated value.
                                          • Word or Phrase:
                                            • A one word response/answer option can be directly imported in Sogolytics1 format.
                                            • If your answer option includes a space, like Strongly Agree, it needs to represented as: Strongly/~~/Agree
                                            • Similarly, when you have a comma in answer option, like Yes, I know, this needs to represented as: Yes/~//~~/I/~~/know Here, we replace comma with /~/ and a space by /~~/
                                          • Other (Please Specify)
                                            • When a respondent answers your closed-ended question using ‘Other (Please Specify)’, here’s how to format the example response: I will enroll next year
                                            • Other/~~/(Please/~~/specify):/~~/I/~~/will/~~/enroll/~~/next/~~/year
                                          • Ranking
                                            • The Ranking question comes with a specific format. For example: You are asked to list the three best tourist destinations and you select (1) Hawaii, (2) Paris, (3) Vienna with Hawaii being the best and Vienna the third best.
                                            • Represent this response like this: Paris : 2 , Hawaii : 1 , Vienna : 3
                                          • Rating Scale
                                            • For a Rating Scale question, you need not worry about the text that you input. All that is necessary is the numbers (weights) associated with each answer.
                                            • For example, if you have a scale of 1 to 5 with 1 being Least Important and 5 Most Important, you need to enter the respective weight value such as 1 if someone answered Least Important.
                                          • Multi Select
                                            • Responses for a Multi Select question are usually separated by a comma.
                                            • For example, if a respondent selects USA and Australia as their response, this can be inputted in the spreadsheet as: USA, Australia.
                                          • Open Ended questions (Text Box, Multiple Text Box, Demographics) do not require any formatting. If a participant has provided text as a response, you can copy and paste this directly into your spreadsheet as the answer.
                                          • Date needs to be entered in the same format [MM/DD/YYYY] or [DD/MM/YYYY] to be imported successfully.