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                                          Introduction to Inbox

                                          When you first log into SoGoConnect, you’ll see your inbox menu listed on the left side of the screen. Here you’ll see “Dialogues,” “Bookmarks,” and “Spam.”


                                          When you sign into your SoGoConnect account, the first page you’ll be brought to is your inbox. You’ll see the top tab that says “Dialogues.” You can sort through each Dialogue by its type, subject, when it was received, its priority, Interest Area, and Owner.

                                          Below the Dialogue tab, you’ll see a row with four different sections: “Assigned to Me,” “Team,” “Closed,” and “All.” Let’s breakdown what each of these sections mean.

                                          • Assigned to Me: You are responsible for resolving all of the Dialogues in this section.
                                          • Team: You have access to these Dialogues as part of one or more teams you belong to, but you’re not personally responsible for responding.
                                          • Closed: These are Dialogues that have been closed and resolved. If you need to go back to re-open any Dialogues or go back and check previous Dialogues, this is the place to do it.
                                          • All: This page consists of all Dialogues that your organization has received in SoGoConnect. You will only see this section if you are a System Administrator.


                                          If there are any Dialogues that are of particular importance, you can Bookmark them and find them on this page.


                                          We do our best to auto-filter any potential spam messages, but if one sneaks through, you can manually mark it as spam. If you need to go review captured spam messages, you’ll find them sorted into auto-filtered and user-filtered categories.