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Assessment Project

    Mark Answers Correct/Incorrect

    Simplify scoring by identifying answers as correct or incorrect.

    Here’s how:

    1. While under Assign Scores, click on the Settings icon on the left panel next to “All questions” and select Yes for Mark correct/incorrect.
    2. Here, you will also have an option to assign a score to all correct or incorrect answers in your Assessment.
    3. Click Done to save your changes.
    4. You will notice that every question now has a column for marking answers as correct.
    5. Click on the check box beside the correct answer for every question. Once an answer option is marked correct, all other answers automatically are marked incorrect.
    6. If there is more than one correct answer for any question, click on the checkbox to toggle it as correct.
    7. If you chose to enter a score in “Score for all Correct/Incorrect answers”, the scores will auto-fill as you go on marking answers correct/incorrect.

    A question cannot have all answers as incorrect, and an incorrect answer cannot have a score greater than the correct answer.