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                                          Multi-Question Branching

                                          As the name indicates, Multi-Question Branching sends participants down different paths based on their answers to multiple questions. Branching improves engagement by ensuring participants only see relevant questions, as well as improving the quality of data collected.

                                          Navigate to

                                          While Single-Question Branching uses the answer to one question to set the path (If answer X, go to page Y.), Multi-Question Branching allows multiple conditions to determine a participant’s path (If answer X and answer Y, go to page Z.).

                                          This ability to focus on a very specific segment allows for powerfully precise feedback from exactly the right participants – leading to very high quality results.

                                          As with Single-Question Branching, consider sketching out a map for your participants. Whether it’s on a whiteboard or onscreen, it helps to have a plan!

                                          To apply Multi-Question Branching, follow the steps below:

                                          1. Create a new project or select a project to edit.
                                          2. Branching cannot be applied to a one-page project or to the last page of your project.

                                          3. Select Multi-Question Branching by clicking on Logic in the Design menu bar. A pop-up window will appear, displaying all the pages of your project.
                                          4. Expand the page on which you want to apply Multi-Question Branching.
                                          5. To set a rule, select the appropriate question under the Select Question dropdown.
                                              • Only questions from the current or previous pages will be available here.
                                              • You cannot apply Multi-Question Branching to a Descriptive Text.
                                              • For multilingual projects, select ‘Participation language’ from the dropdown to set rules based on the participant’s chosen language.
                                          6. Next, set the condition. Choose ‘Is one of the following,’ ‘Is not one of the following,’ or ‘Is not answered’.
                                          7. Once you select any one of these conditions, a set of answer options will be displayed. Select at least one of these answer options to complete your first condition, A1.
                                          8. Choose to add more conditions (A2, etc.) by clicking on the Add Condition button and following the same steps.
                                          9. Under ‘Define the rule by choosing the logic and outcome for the condition(s) above.’ section set your rule.
                                            • Choose ‘All’ if all conditions needs to be satisfied to execute this rule. This is the AND logic.
                                            • Choose ‘Any’ if any one of the conditions needs to be satisfied to execute this rule. This is the OR logic.
                                            • Choose ‘Custom’ to write your own logic. Eg:A1 AND A2 OR A3.
                                          10. Then, specify which page you want the participants to route to in the dropdown list beside ‘Then Go To Page’ section.
                                          11. Save your changes by clicking on the Save or the Save & Return button.
                                          12. Preview your project to test your branching.
                                          13. If you need to delete a branching rule, click on the Delete icon in the top right-hand corner of the rule.
                                          For example: See these Multi-Question Branching rules below:

                                          Rule 1: If a participant selects Sales as department and years as 1-4 years, then skip to Page 4 (which displays all sales-related questions).

                                          Rule 2: A participant whose chosen language is Spanish continues from Page 1 to Page 5 to answer questions specifically designed for those responding in Spanish.

                                          Rule 3: If none of the options are selected, then End & Exit the participant from the survey or assessment.


                                          You can add up to 10 rules per page and 50 conditions per rule.

                                          End & Exit

                                          While setting up logic, use End and Exit to finish the survey or assessment on a particular page based on participants’ answers. Used with Multi-Question Branching, this option exits participants from the survey based on their answers to multiple questions.

                                          For example:

                                          While a certain set of questions may be core to all employees, you may want to ask experienced employees in a certain department a few additional questions. In this case, you might choose to have those who select ‘Herndon Heights’ as their location and ‘5-10 years’ as their time on the job continue to the end of the survey, and to have everyone else exit the survey earlier.

                                          Here’s how to use End & Exit with Multi-Question Branching:

                                          1. Select Multi-Question Branching by clicking on Logic in the Design menu bar. A pop-up window will appear, displaying all the pages of your project.
                                          2. Choose to End & Exit when defining the rule at the bottom.
                                          3. Click on End & Exit Options to customize participants’ post survey options.

                                            1. Post-submission confirmation page.
                                              • Choose to show the same message set for the Thank You page.
                                              • Customize a new message.
                                            2. Redirect to a new page
                                              • Choose to redirect to the default URL set under the Thank You page.
                                              • Redirect to a new URL.

                                                Click here to learn more about how to redirect to a new page.