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                                          Survey Tool Common Page

                                          Add a QuestionThe survey creation process is simple and easy in Sogolytics. Follow the simple and easy steps to add questions to the survey canvas. Introduction to Simple Question TypesAsk the right questions with the right question types, from single-select to multi-select, from rating scale to text box, and beyond! Introduction to Grid QuestionsChoose from multiple types of advanced grid question types to streamline design and reporting and enhance participant focus. Horizontal Radio ButtonA Horizontal Radio Button saves you space if you want to display a short list of answers horizontally. Learn more. Survey Design PitfallsIt's easy to get lost into the weeds when designing a survey project, so avoid these common pitfalls to build a better project! PipingPiping options offer the chance to repeat certain participant responses later in a survey, Follow the step to use piping feature in your survey, Single-Question BranchingSet Single-Question Branching to direct participants to relevant pages based on their answers to a single question, boosting engagement and completion. Multi-Question BranchingMulti-Question Branching logic engages participants by directing them to only the relevant pages based on their answers to multiple qualifying questions. Data PopulationData Population is a powerful feature that lets you fill surveys with extra data before or after participants respond. Follow the steps for enabling data population. Anonymous ProjectAnonymous surveys encourage candid feedback and boost response rates. Protect participants’ identities while collecting valuable data! Customize Project Style in Visual SettingsVisual Settings section provide many ways to make your survey look great. Follow the step for customizing survey design, color, & font to match your brand.