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Project Basics
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    • Building CX Surveys
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                • Assessment Question types
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                      • Introduction to Poll
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                          • Launch your Poll
                            • Analyze your Poll
                              • Build Project
                                • Project Style
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                                    • Analyze Project
                                      • Account Settings
                                        • Good to Know

                                          Resource Hub

                                          While you’ll find just about everything you need while working through a project flow, sometimes it’s useful to jump directly to a specific location – from anywhere in the platform. The Resource Hub provides quick access to a range of useful tools within your account.

                                          To access the Resource Hub, click on the monitor icon in the top right corner of your account. Here, you’ll be able to navigate to the following:

                                          Template Bank

                                          With survey templates covering a wide range of topics and purposes, our Template Bank can help you to kickstart your next project. Whether you’re looking for inspiration or seeking ready-to-use questions, the user-friendly interface allows easy customization to meet your project needs. Learn more about the Template Bank.

                                          Invitation Templates

                                          Sending email invitations? Start with our beautifully designed templates and customize to match your brand and project goals. Learn more about Invitation Templates.

                                          Contact List

                                          Whether you’re sending a single batch of invitations or automating distribution, Contact Lists help you streamline your publishing process. Efficiently distribute to large groups, use Mail Merge in invitations, and pre-populate surveys with Contact Lists. Learn more about Contact Lists.

                                          Emailed Reports

                                          Emailing real-time reports makes it easy for your team members and other contacts to keep up with projects in real time, and the Emailed Reports tool makes it easy for you to track their engagement! Learn more about emailing dynamic reports.

                                          Saved Reports

                                          Once you’ve customized your report just the way you want it, including colors, graphs, filters, and properties, save it – then retrieve it quickly and easily under Saved Reports. Learn more about saving reports.

                                          Filter Manager

                                          The Filter Manager simplifies data analysis across your account. With this intuitive feature, it’s easy to manage and customize the filters you need to drill down on the data slices that matter most. Learn more about the Filter Manager.

                                          File Library

                                          Need to share documents within your survey projects? Make it easy for participants to access important files by utilizing our secure File Library. Learn more about the File Library.