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                                          Right to Rectification

                                          GDPR gives you the right to rectify or change all personal data a company holds about you. This article explains how to rectify, complete, or delete the data held in your Sogolytics account.

                                          Here’s a list of the data you can fix or change in your account:

                                          • Name
                                          • Email address
                                          • Phone
                                          • Job title and Department
                                          • Company Information
                                          • Profile picture
                                          • Payment details
                                          • Billing address

                                          This data can be found within Account Settings in your account. Please refer to the User Guide to learn how to access these options.

                                          Modifying results
                                          If you need to amend the results of a survey, you may ask your participants to submit a new response to your survey with the corrected information or you can edit the response. If you have duplicate response entries, you can delete the incorrect entry.

                                          If you are a participant and have sent your personal data through a survey, the creator/sender of the survey is responsible for processing your data. You will have to contact the creator to exercise your data subject rights.

                                          If you want to change any other piece of data not included in this guide, or need more clarification, please contact us and our Support team will be happy to help you.

                                          Disclaimer: Please be aware that this information is not to be construed as legal advice or representative of our interpretation of privacy laws, but instead is intended to help our customers understand our approach to GDPR in practical terms. If you are in doubt as to your legal obligations or require advice on any of the areas covered, we urge you to seek independent legal counsel.