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                                          Segmentation Report: Divided Data

                                          The Segmentation Report is used to take all of your data and divide it into segments based on the question of your choice.

                                          For example: If you conducted a survey in your school district, you might want to see a report for each school. The Segmentation Report allows you to divide and conquer by splitting up your data into all the right parts at once.

                                          The Segmentation Report is emailed to you or your choice of recipients as offline files.

                                          Generate Segmentation Report

                                          With these steps, you will have a Segmentation Report in no time:

                                          1. Select your project and click on Report.
                                          2. On the Report menu bar, select Segmentation.
                                          3. Choose the question on which the segments of the report will be based on. In other words, how should all of your data be divided? In the example above, the district wants to see reports segmented by school site.
                                          4. Select the questions you would like to include in the report.
                                          5. Under Metadata, toggle to ‘Yes’ if you would like to review or select additional data options.
                                          6. Once you have chosen your questions and metadata, click Continue to proceed.
                                          7. If enabled, you may drag and drop questions to rearrange the order in which they are presented in the report.
                                          8. The ‘Properties’ step allows you to fine-tune your preferences for the entire report. Here, you can define settings for percentages, display, and graphs. You may also copy settings from other saved reports, as needed.
                                          9. On the ‘Comparison Segment Data’ step, select the data source(s), apply any desired filters, and set labels for the report and the segments. To apply a filter, choose from the dropdown or click ‘Create Filter’ to create a new filter.
                                          10. Create a customized cover page. Entered data will appear on the cover page of the report. You may also choose to add a logo to this cover page. Click ‘Preview Cover Page’ to see the page before continuing.
                                          11. The maximum logo file size is 5 MB.

                                          12. The ‘Email Segmentation Report’ provides you with multiple ways to deliver your report.
                                            1. To me: Check ‘Email Segmentation report to me’ and confirm your address to have this segmentation report delivered to you. Then, identify how you would like reports delivered.
                                              1. All segment reports as one Word document
                                              2. All segment reports as multiple Word documents in a zipped file
                                              3. Individual segment report in separate Word document.
                                            2. To others: Check ‘Email Individual Segment reports to specific email addresses’ and enter an address to receive each segment.
                                          13. Lastly, click on Generate Report. These reports will be prepared offline, and you will receive an email when they are ready.

                                          If your report is segmented on a specific question (ex: school name) and that answer is piped into a later question (How would you rate [school name]?), the segmented report will fill in the appropriate piped value (How would you rate Smith Elementary?).

                                          Based on your display resolution or browser zoom, you may see a 3-dot icon on the far right of the Report menu bar. Click here to access Saved Reports, Emailed Reports, and Filter Manager.