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                                          Single-Question Branching

                                          As the name suggests, branching is nothing but a bifurcation of the project path. Participants will be redirected to certain pages in the project based on the answer options they select. By keeping participants focused on what matters to them, they stay engaged throughout, making your data more meaningful and your participation rates higher.

                                          Navigate to

                                          Based on a response to a single question, Single-Question Branching directs each participant to a new page. Branching can only be completed from page to page, and it is often useful to create a diagram to think through how you’d like your participants to move through the project.

                                          Branching helps simplify project design by allowing you to simply avoid asking participants questions they cannot answer.

                                          For example:In an employee engagement survey, you might want to ask managers one set of questions and non-managers a different set. Simply ask (or pre-fill!) the answer to ‘Are you a manager? YES/NO’ and set a branching rule so that the right participants see the right questions!

                                          Follow these steps to set up Single-Question Branching:

                                          1. Create a new project or select a project to edit.
                                          2. Once you are done adding questions and Descriptive Text to your project, select the ‘decision’ question on which branching should be applied. Choose your question carefully. If participants bypass your chosen question due to another branching rule, you cannot send them back.
                                          3. Branching cannot be applied to a one-page project or to the last page of your project.

                                          4. Hover over the chosen question, then click on Logic and select Single-Question Branching.

                                            Alternately, you can also set Single-Question Branching by clicking on Logic in the Design menu bar.
                                          5. For each answer option, use the dropdown menus to select the page to which participants who choose that answer should be directed. In other words: If Answer Option ___ is chosen, Branch to page ___.
                                          6. Once the required branching options are chosen, click Save.
                                          7. As needed, you may also expand the view for other pages and questions on which you would like to apply branching.

                                          To set each participant’s path based on their answers to multiple questions, check out Multi-Question Branching.

                                          End & Exit

                                          While setting up logic, use End and Exit to finish the project on a particular page based on participants’ answers. This option is very useful if later questions in a project are irrelevant to some groups, or if you need to qualify participants early in the process and excuse those whose responses are not relevant or required.

                                          For example:
                                          You’ve sent out a survey asking parents about their experiences with their childrens’ school, and you’d also like to know about their experience in attending board meetings.Following the standard question set, if the qualifying question ‘Have you attended a school board meeting?’ is answered with ‘No”’ the participant should be exited from the survey. Any participant who answers ‘Yes’ will continue to the remaining page(s)

                                          Here’s how this works with Single-Question Branching:

                                          1. Hover over the chosen question, then click on Logic and select Single-Question Branching. Alternately, select Single-Question Branching by clicking on Logic in the Design menu bar.
                                          2. Next to the answer option that should prompt a participant to exit from the survey, choose End & Exit from the dropdown.
                                          3. Click on End & Exit Options to customize participants’ post survey options.

                                              1. Post-submission confirmation page.
                                                • Choose to show the same message set for the Thank You page.
                                                • Customize a new message.

                                              2. Redirect to a new page
                                                • Choose to redirect to the default URL set under the Thank You page.
                                                • Redirect to a new URL.

                                                  Click here to learn more about how to redirect to a new page.