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CX Project


    On the CX Dashboard, you can view the Tag Categories with the strongest and weakest performance in each key metric (NPS, CSAT, CES or any Custom Metric). While this information alone doesn’t offer the full picture, it’s a great data point to start with when reviewing your results.

    This card always highlights the Tags with the highest and lowest performance.

    How much data is needed to calculate the best and worst performing Tags?
    Keep in mind that highlights are broken down for each CX metric. Using NPS as the example metric, a few requirements:

    • A minimum of four Tags projects must include the target metric (NPS).
    • A minimum of 10 responses must be received for the metric (NPS) question in each of these 4 Tags.

    Once these criteria are met, Highlights will be displayed.

    You may also review a Category’s strongest and weakest Tags by clicking on the arrow.

    Highlights may fluctuate as early responses come in, but more data will lead to more consistency and clarity.