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                                          Manage Messages

                                          Most Recently Used/Modified Messages

                                          Your Most Recently Used message will show up first, followed by your Most Recently Modified message.

                                          A message or template marked with a red flag is the Most Recently Used and the one with the orange flag is the Most Recently Modified.

                                          Find a Message

                                          Use options in the top right corner of the Email Templates screen to find the message or template you’re looking for.

                                          • Search Messages: Enter the name of a message or template to search Email Manager.
                                          • Sort: Click on the Sort button to sort the template on the basis of Published Date, Modification Date or Name.
                                          • Filter: Filter your templates by Message Type, Mail Merge included, Language and Usage in projects.
                                          • Switch View: Choose to switch between the thumbnail display and list view.

                                          Message Actions

                                          Take quick action on any message or template by hovering over the thumbnail image and choosing from the options displayed. Note that system default templates cannot be directly edited or deleted.

                                          • Edit: To edit a message, hover over the thumbnail image and click on the Edit button. You can edit and overwrite the existing template or choose to create a new template.
                                          • Quick Look: Hover over the thumbnail image and click on Quick Look to open a preview window of what the template/message looks like. On the right side of the pop-up, you can also review information such as whether Mail Merge fields are included, the number of projects in which this template has been used, and other template metrics.
                                          • Delete: To delete a single message, hover over the thumbnail image and on the quick look option and click on Delete button to delete the template. To delete more than one message, switch to list view to select and delete multiple messages at once.
                                          • Copy: Hover over the thumbnail image and click on Copy. You can create only one copy at a time.

                                          If you don’t make any changes to your email template when distributing, metrics won’t reflect that you used the saved template.