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Project Basics
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                                        • Good to Know

                                          Survey Status

                                          At any time, a survey can be in one of three states: Edit, Active, or Expired. The status of your current survey can be viewed or updated at any time. On Home, your four most recent surveys are each displayed in the color that represents their status – green, orange, or red. When you click on the All Surveys icon to display your full survey list, you’ll also see this representative color displayed as an icon in a column to the left of the survey title.

                                          Depending on your needs, you may change the status of a survey at any time. To change the status, hover over the status icon and click on your selection from the dropdown menu.

                                          Edit mode

                                          • Displayed as an orange icon.
                                          • You can make structural changes to a survey that is in Edit mode. Structural changes, including adding, deleting, moving, or copying questions, or applying Branching or Question Display Logic, can be done only while a survey is in the Edit state.

                                          Active mode

                                          • Displayed as an green icon.
                                          • Indicates that the survey is now available for participation. Users can only participate if the survey is in Active mode. You can generate reports for your ongoing surveys. You can also send new invitations or reminders to participants for this survey. Some structural changes can still be made, but participation and reporting may be impacted.


                                          • Displayed as a red icon.
                                          • Indicates that you no longer wish to receive responses to the survey. As soon as you set your survey as Expired, you will be able to edit your survey, generate reports, and export data from the survey.
                                          • Once a survey receives a response, it cannot be changed to Edit mode. To return a survey to Edit mode, responses will need to be deleted.