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                                          Test Survey Link/Invitation

                                          It’s always a best practice to review and test your project before its launch. Your project should look its best, and the flow and functionality should work exactly as you’ve planned. Plus, it’s good to be able to test without messing up your reports by collecting test data. No problem! Sogolytics lets you test your project and any invitations you’d like to send with Test Links and Test Invitations.

                                          Get a Test URL

                                          To share the project with your team for feedback before launching, generate a Test URL. This test link can be shared and forwarded for a thorough review but any responses collected will not be included in your reports.

                                          Important: Test URLs should not be used for project distribution. Use options on the Publish menu when you’re ready to send.

                                          Here’s how you can generate a Test URL:

                                          1. Select your project, then click Distribute.
                                          2. On the start of the Distribute menu bar, click Test.
                                          3. Select Get a Test URL from the dropdown.
                                          4. Click on the checkbox “I understand the purpose of the TEST URL”.
                                          5. Copy the link and click Done.

                                          Send Test Invitation

                                          You may also send Test Invitations before launching actual invitations, to preview and test all aspects of both your invitation and project.You may send Test Invitations from either Design or Distribute.

                                          Test Invitations are live invitations that you can send to yourself, your co-workers, and anyone else involved in planning. Test Invitations are just for internal testing purposes and responses are not collected for reports.
                                          Preview and evaluate the customized invitation
                                          Preview and evaluate participation page(s)
                                          How Can I Tell?
                                          Don’t worry – you’ll know it’s a Test Invitation! You’ll see reminder messages in red throughout the publishing and review process.
                                          Choose to fully customize with a complete Send Test Invitation wizard or fast-track through Quick Send.

                                          Here’s how to send a Test Invitation:

                                          1. Choose to send a Test Invitation:
                                            • Under Design, click the blue Test Invite icon in the top right corner of the project canvas.
                                            • Under Distribute, click on Test in the Distribute menu bar, then select Send Test Invitation.
                                          2. ‘Select Email Message’ displays the invitations created under Email Templates. Hover over your choice, then:
                                            • Click Select to proceed with this message.
                                            • Click Edit if you need to make modification/changes.
                                            • Click on Preview if you want to view the Email Message before selecting.
                                          3. For Source of Email Addresses, you may choose from Type Manually, From a File, and From a List.
                                          4. Under Additional Publishing Options, you can choose to select ‘Pre-populate’. If this project contains one or more pre-populated questions, this option will be pre-selected. You may also uncheck this option, if you prefer.
                                          5. Click on Continue to proceed.
                                          6. The Mail Merge step asks you to provide values for mail merge variables used in the email content. All the email addresses would be listed down with the text boxes to enter values manually.

                                            If you do not see this step, you have not entered any mail merge codes in the email content. Return to the edit step to include these mail merge codes.

                                          7. On the Send/Schedule Invitations page, the system will display the approximate number of invitation that are going to be sent/scheduled.
                                            • Send Now to deliver Test Invitations immediately.
                                            • Schedule for Later to launch Test Invitations at a different time.
                                          8. Click on Send/Schedule Invitation at the bottom of the page.

                                          Track Test Participation

                                          Test Invitations sent are not displayed alongside “real” invitations in Track or elsewhere in the platform, nor calculated in response rate or other reports. Still, you can track what’s happening with any Test Invitations by looking in the right place! Plus, you can review any responses submitted for reference during your testing.

                                          1. Select your project, then click Track.
                                          2. In the top left corner of this section, click the distribution channel dropdown menu and select Test Invitation at the bottom.
                                          3. Review detailed information about any Test Invitations sent. You may also apply various filters to drill down and view specific responses.
                                          4. Review the list of email addresses that have been sent Test Invitations. Those that have completed their participation will be hyperlinked. Click on the Email Address link of the desired invitation. Recorded responses will open in new window.