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                                          Verbatim: Open-Ended Text Analysis

                                          A Verbatim Report is used to display only the data collected in open-ended questions and fields in your survey.

                                          Generate Verbatim Report

                                          Follow these steps to generate a Verbatim Report:

                                          1. Select your project and click on Report.
                                          2. On the Report menu bar, click on Raw Data and select Verbatim.
                                          3. Select questions you wish to add and click on Continue.
                                          4. You can always click on Generate Now to skip report customization. If you wish, you can drag and drop questions into your preferred order.
                                          5. Select properties that you want to display in your report:
                                            1. Exclude All ‘Did not Answer’ is used to exclude the count of unanswered question from the number of total respondents for a question. Blank responses will not be displayed in the report.
                                            2. Include incomplete responses in the report is used to include partial responses that are yet to be submitted. Here, you can choose:
                                              1. All, to add all partially completed responses to the report
                                              2. Responses answered up to a specific question number
                                          6. Next, you may choose to apply a filter to your report based on desired conditions by selecting a filter from the drop-down list or by clicking on Create New to build a new filter.
                                          7. On the ‘Select Grouping Questions’ step, you can choose a question on which verbatim responses should be grouped.
                                          8. Click on Generate to end the customization and generate the report.

                                          Review/Modify Verbatim Report

                                          To modify a generated report, clicking on the Modify Report button in the top left will redirect you to the first step of the report wizard.

                                          Report Details

                                          Survey Metrics: Survey Metrics displays Date, Invitation, and Responses Metrics, which provide details about the responses included in the generated report. You may click on the Edit icon beside the Survey Metrics option to show or hide particular Date, Invitation, and Response Metrics.

                                          Properties and Filters: You can always edit and remove/add the field you wish to add in the report by clicking the edit icon. If you are generating a report for a multilingual project, you may review responses submitted for a particular language by selecting the language from the dropdown menu.

                                          Commentary: Comment can be added in the report by clicking the ‘Add Commentary’ link.

                                          Drill Down: The Individual Report associated with each response can also be seen by clicking on the serial number of the response.

                                          Compatible Question Types

                                          • Completely compatible:
                                            • Text Box
                                            • Date
                                            • Numeric Allocation
                                            • Multiple Text box
                                            • Matrix Grid Text Box (Gender, email, number)
                                          • Limited compatibility (Only with ‘Other Please Specify’ option selected):
                                            • Drop Down
                                            • Radio Button
                                            • Horizontal Radio Button
                                            • Multi Select Check Box
                                            • Multiple Select List Box